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U.S. Chemicals LLC  Serving the needs of the chemical industry for over 50 years, U.S. Chemicals, LLC combines quality, innovation, and service like none other.
Surfactants Surfactants
CellMark USA, LLC  CellMark Chemicals sources specialty chemicals for industrial use, health & personal care and catalyst & gas processing. Visit:...
Behenyl Alcohol Behenyl Alcohol
Dimethyl Hexynediol Dimethyl Hexynediol
Jiaxing Zanyu Technology Development Co., Ltd.  SLES Surfactant
Chongqing Acme Tech.Co.,Ltd.  surfactant,surfadiols,tetramethyl decyne diol
2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-Decyne-4,7-Diol Brand: surfadiols Cas No:126-86-3
surfactant surfadiols CAS NO.:126-86-3
Hydrior AG  Hydrior AG is specialized in the production of anionic surfactants and esterification products.
GEZAVON LL 20 B Anionic surfactant
HYDRIOL LLA Mild anionic surfactant
Stepan Company  Stepan, global manufacturer of anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants, germicidal and fabric softening quaternaries, polyurethane polyols, phthalic anhydride, specialty chemicals for food and pharamaceuticals.
AMPHOSOL® 160C-30 This product functions as a secondary surfactant, foam booster, viscosity builder, cleansing agent, antistatic agent, and a hair conditioning agent. It is...
AMPHOSOL® 1C This product functions as a secondary surfactant, foam booster and viscosity builder. It is compatible with anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants. ...
Jarchem Industries Inc.  Jarchem offers lines of Branched Saturated/Unsaturated Linear Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acids, Monomers, Polymers, and Natural Surfactants,and a Personal Care line with cosmetic grade butters, oils, emollients, emulsifiers,...
Alkylpolyglucosides Alkylpolyglucosides
Sarcosinates Sarcosinates
Foreverest Resources Ltd.  Foreverest Resources supplies the intermediates of pine chemicals for specialty industry applications in adhesives, inks, paints, paper size, food additions, coatings, rubber, fuel, surfactants and thousands of areas....
Pine Tar Pine Tar is known since ancient history for its capacity as a water repellent vapour barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect.
Unger Fabrikker A.S  Unger Fabrikker A.S is one of Europe's leading producers of anionic surfactants, and the only one of it's kind in Scandinavia. Unger manufactures and exports throughout the world, a wide variety of surfactant raw...
Dry Surfactants Anionic surfactants in water solution represent an estimated annual volume of 250-300.000 m3 of water transported on European roads, or equal to 10-12.000...
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc.  Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures specialty surfactants and polymers. Research and development, manufacturing, and business operations are located northwest of Atlanta in Cartersville,...
Fluorinated Surfactants Note that fluorosurfactants in a concentrated form often stratify or phase separate, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. ICT recommends that all...
Chem-Tex Laboratories, Inc  Chem-Tex Laboratories develops and manufactures specialty chemicals for the carpet, textiles, paper, coated fabrics, and specialty surfactants industries. With operations in Concord, North Carolina and Calhoun, Georgia,...
Polaquimia, S.A. de C.V.  Established in 1955, this family owned,100% Mexican Company, Manufactures spiciality Chemicals selling to wide range of industries and work so with many clients on contract manufacturing. Manufacturers of surfactants,...
Polafix PH Surfactants
Chemplex Chemicals, Inc.  Since Chemplex Chemicals was incorporated in 1985, our focus has been on chelating agents and surfactant sarcosinates. As a result of this specialization, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide: - Extremely...
Hamposyl Use Hamposyl surfactant blends to produce superior personal care products particularly for the hair and skin. Greater surfactant response at lower activity...
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Surfactants Research Library

The Chemistry of Cosmetics
Avomeen Analytical Services
Think you could come up with the next Think you could come up with the next cosmetics come from understanding no from understanding no from understanding no are and how it reacts with other stabiliz how it reacts with other stabiliz chemistry enables cosmetic pioneers to chemistry enables cosmetic pioneers to great cosmetic product? Many significant breakthroughs i great cosmetic product? Many ...
Emulsion Breaking Techniques for Oil in Water Solvent Extractions
Emulsion Breaking Techniques for Oil in Water Solvent Extractions Certain types of samples, such as those containing detergent, may form emulsions when doing an oil in water extraction into a solvent. The boundary between the solvent and the sample will have an emulsion layer that has a cloudy or milky appearance as shown in this photo. According to U.S. EPA Method 1664, “if the emulsion is ...
Replacement of Organic Biocides by Electrolytic Bromine
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
large zinc and aluminum die casting plant in Western Pennsylvania was using over $300 per week worth of proprietary isothiazolin and glutaraldehyde based organic biocides to control biological growth in one 16,000 gallon volume cooling tower system, the “ZDCW” system. Even at this high biocide dosage, control was borderline; the cooling water was very turbid with a strong septic odor. Controlling ...
Freight Audit & Payment Solution for Akzo Nobel
ChemLogix, LLC
freight Payment: The Volume of Volume Freight payment is a process that is often characterized as creating too much back office noise. Thousands of invoices generated by multiple carriers featuring rate variances, exceptions, missing bills of lading and unhappy carriers clamoring for their past due payments – these are just a few of the factors that can create a deafening roar of disturbance for ...
Antimicrobial Preservatives in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp.
Without antimicrobial preservatives, preparations could become ineffective or unsafe. Read some guidelines for selecting and optimizing an appropriate preservative system to minimize adverse affects of the preservatives on the performance attributes.

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