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Case History Report – Cooling Tower Systems Operated with Corrosive, High Alkalinity Softened Makeup Water
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Solution After a discussion of various options for increasing cycles to reduce water and chemical usage while addressing the scale problem, the decision was made to convert to a ProChemTech SofTek tm program using cation softened water as cooling tower makeup. ProChemTech supplied water softeners for the three separate cooling tower systems with installation being completed in October, 2006. The ...
Sportsborg Case Study
Sportsborg Test Case Study
Kimre Mist Eliminators in Sulfuric Acid Plants
Kimre, Inc.
© Copyright 2004 Kimre, Inc. All Rights Reserved B-GON® Mist Eliminators are widely used in the gas cleaning and contact section of sulfuric acid plants. Metallurgical, Oleum Producing, Sulfur Burning, and Regeneration Plants rely on the mist eliminators in the drying towers, absorption towers, and many other units to protect the quality of the product acid, protect downstream equipment from ...
Drum Mixer Improves Production and Batch Quality
Continental Products Corporation
Kemin also manufactures and markets liquid non-nutritive additives such as flavorings, feed-grade antioxidants, and mold inhibitors, which are sprayed directly onto the raw feed materials prior to packaging. Read how a horizontal rotary drum batch mixer helped decrease mixing times and increase production output. Until recently, Kemin used a 3,000- pound- 100-cubic-foot-capacity batch ribbon ...
Amsyn Inc Document
Amsyn Inc

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Solar Powered Chemical Pump Cannon Water Technology Inc. Watch a product overview of the Trojan UVMax solar powered chemical pump. The durable construction, powerful filtration system and accurate testing ...
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