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UV Disinfection 101
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Water is a resource that all of us tend to take for granted. We turn on the shower, the kitchen faucet, and the garden hose and out pours an endless supply of fresh, clean water. What many of us may not realize, though, is that our water supply may not be as clean as it appears. Chlorine is a popular chemical that can provide an effective disinfectant residual but it is unable to effectively ...
Sportsborg Case Study
Sportsborg Test Case Study
Direct Steam Injection Hot Water Systems for Jacketed Heating
Pick Heaters, Inc
Many process plants currently use steam or hot water to heat jacketed devices such as tanks, kettles, dryers, reactors, glass lined vessels, or similar adaptations such as coiled tubing placed inside or outside tanks or vessels. Take an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam and hot water for jacketed heating, and compare indirect and direct steam injection systems for making ...
Basics of Mist Elimination
Kimre, Inc.
This presentation is designed to give our customers a basic introduction to mist elimination and a better understanding of the © Copyright 2004 Kimre, Inc. All Rights Reserved Mist eliminators have evolved over the years from packed bed types to knitted mesh mist collectors. Knitted mesh mist eliminators achieve much greater efficiency than the packed bed types where dumped packing is used as ...
Alternating Feeds to a Research Reactor:
Equilibar, LLC
Alternating Feeds to a Research Reactor: Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator featured in Clean Energy Research Background Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee is a world leader in multiple areas of research including clean energy. Recently, the Fuels, Engines and Emissions Research Center at ORNL has participated in a Department of Energy initia- tive on low cost emissions control for ...

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