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Electrolytic Bromine: A Greener Biocide
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
The word “green” is today being applied to more and more products in commerce and generally indicates that the product so designated has superior attributes from the environmental standpoint. In the cooling water management business, we are seeing “green” applied to a number of different products; non-chemical devices claim to be green as their use eliminates discharge of “hazardous” chemicals ...
Rotary Drum Mixer Uses 83% Less Power, Gives Uniform Blend
Continental Products Corporation
Read this white paper to learn how a plant experienced improved consistency and quality all while reducing packaging costs. These results are accomplished using Continental Products Corp.'s RolloMixer technology.
Sportsborg Case Study
Sportsborg Test Case Study
Copper in the Enviroment
American Chemet Corporation
THIS BOOKLET DISCUSSES SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WAYS THAT COPPER INTERACTS WITH THE ENVIRONMENT AND, IN PAR- TICULAR, WITH THE HUMAN BODY. Copper is a natural element – a metal that has been one of mankind's most useful and valuable materials since time immemorial. It is represented by the chemical symbol Cu and the atomic number 29. Copper is also an essential nutrient that is required by ...
Landmarks i n t he History of FMC Lithium
FMC Corporation - FMC Lithium
Late 1940s: Started producing catalyst grade lithium metal in MN 1954: Started producing lithium carbonate and hydroxide from spodumene Late 1950s: Started producing battery grade low-sodium lithium metal 1991-1992: Entered energy storage market as lithium salts supplier 1985: Acquired by FMC Corporation 1995: Entered cathode market as advanced materials supplier 1996-1998: Transitioned from ...

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