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Treatment and Beneficial Use of Abandoned Mine Drainage
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Pennsylvania has been a leader in remediation of abandoned mine drainage with long running funding programs such as Scarlift and Growing Greener. Growing Greener program has encouraged some innovative projects, such as the Blue Valley Fish Culture Station. Read the project case study here.
Sportsborg Case Study
Sportsborg Test Case Study
Kimre Mist Eliminators in Sulfuric Acid Plants
Kimre, Inc.
© Copyright 2004 Kimre, Inc. All Rights Reserved B-GON® Mist Eliminators are widely used in the gas cleaning and contact section of sulfuric acid plants. Metallurgical, Oleum Producing, Sulfur Burning, and Regeneration Plants rely on the mist eliminators in the drying towers, absorption towers, and many other units to protect the quality of the product acid, protect downstream equipment from ...
Mixers Uniformly Blend Cement Products
Continental Products Corporation
A cement products manufacturer installs low-shear rotary drum mixers with high-shear product intensifiers to blend a variety of products.
Treatment of High Total Organic Carbon. High Natural Color Source of Supplv Usins Polvaluminum Hvdroxvchloride (pACL)
Holland Company, Inc.
The goal of the research was to investigate various types of polyaluminum (pACls) chlorides with respect to treating a high high color, low aftalinity water supply. Alum was used as Toc, a reference coagulant and PACIs of various basicities were studied. pACls with and without sulfate were examined. Research objectives included: 1) to evaluate alum and various pACls by conventional clarification ...

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