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ATS Labs
Disinfection qualifications are critical in assuring the microbial control of a manufacturing environment by qualifying the appropriate use and effectiveness of disinfection products and procedures. Obtaining the highest confidence that aseptic, cleanroom, and other critical manufacturing environments are properly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected is paramount in assuring the production of safe ...
Advanced High Performance Epoxy Adhesives Revolutionize Structural Bonding
Master Bond
What are the factors to consider when you need to maximize adhesive bonding performance? In this white paper, Master Bond explores the different joint designs, surface preparations, polymer types and performance properties to consider when using structural polymer adhesives to join different parts together. The information contained in this white paper is designed to simplify the selection ...
Non-Ferrous Metals Industrial Demand
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Ferrous is a term which relates to containing iron. Ferrous metals are magnetic and prone to corrosion. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals are those that do not contain any iron and therefore non- magnetic and more resistant to corrosion when exposed to moisture. The most common of these non- ferrous metals include copper, aluminum, zinc, ...
Blending Tests Simulate Production Conditions
Continental Products Corporation
Continental Products' test center shows a car wash detergent manufacturer how to clean up its blending problems.
Trimethylsilyl(TMS) Acetylene Derivatives
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS Chemicals, Inc. Trimethylsilyl(TMS) Acetylene Derivatives Description Structure Mol Wt Formula CAS # bis-(TMS)ACETYLENE 170.4 C8H18Si2 14630-40-1 GFS Item #3010 1,4-bis-(TMS)-1,3-BUTADIYNE 194.421 C10H18Si2 4526-07-2 GFS Item #3011 1,3-bis-(TMS ETHYNYL)BENZENE 270.517 C16H22Si2 38170-80-8 GFS Item #3012

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Savillex Bottle GFS Chemicals Inc.
UV Curable Epoxy Based System UV15 Master Bond Master Bond UV15 is a one component, high strength, low viscosity, epoxy based UV curable system for bonding, sealing and coating. It features exceptional ...

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