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New “Green” Biocide Delivery System for Cooling Systems
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Due to purchase and operating economics, "wet" cooling towers are the technology of choice for commercial and industrial cooling systems as water is the best material for both transfer of heat and evaporative cooling. One drawback is that such use presents a biological control problem as warm water, with dissolved and suspended solids present, is an excellent medium for growth of microorganisms. ...
Nanodot-based Smartphone Battery Recharges in 30 Seconds
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Nanodot-based Smartphone Battery Recharges in 30 Seconds Running out of charge in the middle of a journey or a working day when expecting clients’ calls is almost a nightmare. Charging a phone altogether requires prior planning to avoid being cut off from the world, but imagine being able to recharge your phone in 30 seconds? This is ...
Sportsborg Case Study
Sportsborg Test Case Study
Biogas generator benefits from precision pressure control
Equilibar, LLC
Many wastewater treatment plants use anaerobic digestion to process their biological solid wastes, reducing landfill volumes and generating valuable electricity in the process. Controlling the biogas pressure that feeds the combustion engine is critical, especially because the flow rate coming out of the digester fluctuates. The Equilibar precision back pressure regulator has been successfully ...
Custom Drying and Packaging Technologies
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS Chemicals has built a world class reputation in the manufacture of anhydrous materials for decades through the continuous refinement of moisture control technologies. Our proprietary in house drying methods have led to the development of numerous value-added anhydrous chemicals for electronics, battery, pharmaceutical and other specialty applications. We continue to evolve in this area as ...

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