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Platelet-Poor Plasma Preparation for Coagulation Testing using the Drucker Company Model 853VES Centrifuge

Purpose: To prepare blood samples for coagulation testing using a Drucker Model 853VES centrifuge (gure 1).

Preparation: Samples were placed into 100mm BD Vacutainer Sodium Citrate (3.2%, 0.105M) test tubes and were then separated using the Drucker Model 853VES centrifuge with the Performance-Plus Rotor (gure 2). The centrifuge was set to run for ve minutes at the full operating speed of 5,000 RPM. A reduced deceleration rate of ‘5’ was used to preserve separation integrity. Figure 1: Model 853VES “Plasmafuge-12” Centrifuge shown with the Performance- Plus Rotor option Plasma from these tubes was then analyzed using a Cell-Dyn 3200. The results from this analysis are given on page 2.
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