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The widespread adoption of EMR platforms across healthcare verticals in the U.S., as well as the proliferation of IT vendors with segment-specific service competencies, is generating opportunities for well-positioned service providers to expand their EMR presence • According to industry research firm MarketsandMarkets, the U.S. EMR market is projected to grow from approximately $2.18 billion in 2009 to $6.05 billion in 2015, representing compound annual growth of 18.1%. HIE establishment initiatives at the state/local and federal level, as well as increased demand for IT solutions related to cost containment and quality of care within the provider segment, are driving expansion of the U.S. EMR market. • Demand for EMR implementation services is diversifying among U.S. healthcare providers; large providers are increasingly investing in private server, in-house EMR platforms, while smaller-scale provider practices are transitioning to web-based EMR solutions. As client preferences for EMR methodologies and architectures continue to differentiate based on the characteristics of their operations, TBR believes strongly-branded IT services vendors with distinct implementation capabilities will capitalize on this fragmentation to quickly gain market share in the segment. • The U.S. EMR market is currently served by over 1,000 vendors, ranging from niche-focused EMR technology and consulting firms to MNCs. TBR believes top IT service vendors are well-positioned to capitalize on this fragmentation by deploying cash to acquire the EMR implementation resources and capabilities of smaller-scale competitors in the space. TBR expects leading IT services vendors to leverage their premium brand names and acquired EMR service offerings to quickly expand their presence in the U.S. EMR market space throughout 2011.
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