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extremely heat-sensitive fine chemicals and other substances are safely and efficiently separated with Pope Scientific's Hybrid Still Technology. These systems combine the gentle evaporating principle of dynamically mixed and transported wiped thin films with the highly efficient separation capability of fractional columns. Typical examples include purification of edible and essential oils, pharmaceuticals, foods, flavors, fragrances, polymers, extracts, vitamins, waxes, silicones, specialty fine chemicals, and many others. Available from 1 kg/hr lab bench-top units, to pilot and processing plants with feed rates to 1000 kg/hr. Complete turnkey skid mounted systems are a specialty, partial systems and components also available. Short residence time and high vacuum operation provides highest quality, lowest degradation, plus process scale-up not possible with other equipment. Versatile design allows configuration for Molecular (short-path) Distillation, Evaporation, or Fractionation, plus choice of glass, 316L SS, Hastelloy, other materials. Applications assistance, feasibility testing and custom toll processing support is available. Contact Pope Scientific, Inc. HYPERLINK "mailto:sales@popeinc.com" sales@popeinc.com HYPERLINK "http://www.popeinc.com" www.popeinc.com ph. +1-262-268-9300

Photo shows four-stage wiped-film still system for specialty ester production. It includes an evaporator, a molecular still, and two hybrid evaporator-fractional column stills. The hybrid stages enable the required high purity and yield that could not otherwise be obtained with this heat-sensitive material.
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