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Organic Halogen Reagent/Sodium Biphenyl The Problem-Solving Reagent

Quantitative isolation of organically bonded halide as a prerequisite for classical potentiometric determination requires extraction of the halide from an organic medium into a water-soluble ionic form. The GFS Organic Halogen Reagent does this effectively and rapidly for samples that can be dissolved in an inert solvent, such as toluene or ether.

GFS Organic Halogen Reagent is viscous, dark blue solution of sodium biphenyl compound in diethylene glycol diethyl ether (ethyl diglyme). The product has a limited shelf life, losing strength during storage at a rate of about 3-10% per month. Packages are marked with a projected expiration date, although the reagent may be used as long as it continues to give a dark blue, black, or green color when added to the sample. Diminished strength can be compensated for by increasing the amount of reagent used.

Measure sample into a clean, dry separatory funnel. Dissolve solid or small samples in a halogen-free, anhydrous inert solvent such as toluene, ethyl diglyme, or THF. Empty one vial of OHR into the funnel, stopper, and mix. Retention of the dark blue, black or green color indicates sufficient active reagent is present. If the color quickly fades, add additional OHR. After two minutes, extract with water or dilute nitric acid. The extracted halides, completely converted to ionic forms, can be determined by conventional analytical methods.

Rapid – analysis can usually be made in 30 minutes or less Safe/Convenient – Avoids hazard and bother of preparing sodium biphenyl in the laboratory. No need for combustion apparatus or pressure vessels Versatile – applicable to a wide range of organic materials: pesticides, hydrocarbons, polymers, medicinals, solvents, naphtha and petrol, etc. Works with solids, liquids, and gases Low Blanks – engineered for the production of low-halogen content OHR Economical – saves time and eliminates the need for extraneous equipment Wide-range – accommodates all halides, including fluoride, microgram traces or macro quantities
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