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Distillations for the Manufacture of High Purity Acids

Through proprietary technology developed over fifty years, GFS has perfected the distillation process to produce the highest purity acids distilled to part per billion and part per trillion levels with virtually no trace level contaminants. Some of the most demanding and regulated customers in the world count on GFS to supply them with acids including nitric, hydrochloric, perchloric, and sulfuric acid. We are also skilled in the manufacture of a host of trace metal grade acids – customers tell us we have some of the highest quality acids on the market today.

For analytical chemists who need to ensure low trace metal impurities when using ACS reagent acid, our ACSuperior grade will certify PPB trace amounts of 20+ metals, plus boron, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur. Available in 500ml and 2.5L bottles, single bottles and cases. More economical than Redistilled acid for AA & ICP analysis.

For laboratories involved in testing for environmental or water treatment, GFS is offering a PPB grade acid packed in fluorinated HDPE (high density polyethylene) to prevent the absorption of elements such as boron and silicon. This will maintain the consistency of the PPB trace specs from the first test to the last. An economical alternative to PPT grade acid in Teflon . Available in 500ml and 2.5L bottles, single bottles and cases.

George Adams- Inorganic Sales GFS Chemicals - Inorganics Division george@gfschemicals.com
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