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WalMart cold storage warehouse was started up in June, 2001. The cooling system consisted of five (5) Frick screw type ammonia compressors, remote pump set and cold well, and a single four (4) cell Evapco evaporative condenser cooling tower rated at 1100 tons. The cooling water side of the system was equipped with a conductivity type blowdown unit and a total of five (5) "Fluidton Systems" NCD manufactured by Electrostatic Equipment Company. No corrosion coupon rack was found. Makeup water was untreated and drawn from the local city water supply.

History Site personnel reported that the cooling tower was commissioned in June, 2001, using a chemical treatment program. Minimal information was gathered on this program, however, operators noted that blowdown was about 6000 gpd and that there were some scaling issues.

In an effort to reduce blowdown and address the scaling issues, the chemical program was discontinued during February, 2002, and four (4) NCD were installed, one in the sump of each cell in the cooling tower. Shortly after installation, operators found scale deposition in the conductivity probe, strainer, and return line. A fifth NCD was installed in the return line to address this problem. Blowdown is automatic using the conductivity controller, setting at about 3000 umhos, resulting in 1000 gallons average discharge per day.
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