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Quality Assurance Using High-Precision Vacuum Pumps
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CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition systems solution for a company providing vacuum solutions for a wide range of modern production and analysis processes as well as in research. The company’s high-quality products found use in everyday devices such as TVs, light bulbs, and air-conditioning units, and also high technology processes including CD/DVD manufacture and medical instruments. Their core competence was the development of systems for vacuum generation and processing gas extraction, placing high levels of quality and precision not only on their own products but also on the technical equipment used for vacuum production and development. At the testing department, the lab team had set up a large test bench where the company inspected its vacuum systems as early as the development stage. Complex testing procedures delivered important data to project engineers including electrical values, vacuum performance, volume flow rates, etc. which enabled them to determine the limit values of their products. These trials then established the parameters that would be used at the final inspection. Development was never at a standstill at the company, with the latest trends moving towards dry compressing fore pumps. In response, management began planning to increase production of these pumps, realizing that this required the best quality assurance procedures, which in turn required cutting-edge data acquisition systems capable of extremely sophisticated measurements and featuring powerful yet user-friendly data acquisition and evaluation software.
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