Monitoring and Measuring Pollutants in a Heavily Populated Bay Area - Sponsored Whitepaper

Monitoring and Measuring Pollutants in a Heavily Populated Bay Area
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CAS DataLoggers recently provided the Environmental Protection Agency with the datalogging solution for an important research project. The EPA was obliged by law to monitor the condition of a bay adjacent to a major US city. To achieve this, there was a need to measure the ecological consequences of wastewater outflows from the city and the bay’s capacity to cope with them. The bay covered 1,200 square miles and received the wastewater flows from the city and its suburbs, which sat directly on the river. Marine Sciences laboratories were chosen to map the discharge plumes form these outflows over a 12-month period, and the information the scientists needed to collect was on temperature, salinity (reduced salinity because of increased fresh water could lead to damage to marine life), acidity, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphates and chlorophyll levels. Scientists realized that a key requirement for the project would be a long term monitoring solution with the capacity for a high number of sensors as well as expansion capabilities in case the project needed more inputs. This device would also have to be able to withstand exposure to the often inclement weather conditions that could arise with little warning out on the bay.
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