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Crowley Chemical Company, Inc  Crowley Chemical Company was founded in 1920.The company's world headquarters is located in New York City, and we operate plants in Ohio and Oklahoma.The company has the ability to supply customers with organic chemicals...
Creosote Oil It is used for AWPA grades for preserving railroad ties, marine piling, and telephone poles.
Crude 78° C. Naphthalene It is used for sulphonation..
Federal Hose Manufacturing, Inc  Federal Hose Manufacturing, Inc is a recognized leader in the manufacture of flexible interlocking metal hose and the distribution of silicone hose. Since the founding of their company in 1921, Federal Hose Manufacturing...
Tar and asphalt Built specifically toconvey hot tar and asphalt on patching units, tankers and from container to container. It has good flexibility and is made from high...
Five Star Marine  Rock Star Manufacturing is now Five Star Marine. Five Star Marine is a worldwide provider of high performance products specifically designed for the rehabilitation and stabilization of marine facilities and underwater...
Coal Tar Five Star Marine’s Coal Tar is a two-component epoxy coal tar coating designed for the protection of concrete, steel, aluminum, and wood structures exposed...
International Centrifuge Co.  Decanters Centrifuges Alfa Laval Westfalia Hutch-Hayes Bird Used Decanters Centrifuges Solid Bowl Industrial Centrifuge Decanters Alfa Laval Centrifuge Decanter
Innovative Resource Management, Inc.  Innovative Resource Management, Inc.: IRM is one of the most experienced surplus, coproduct, and recycled chemical companies in the US. We purchase and sell a wide variety of surplus chemicals, off grade materials,...
Continental Chemical USA  Since 1985, Continental Chemical USA has been consistently recognized as a highly reliable, competitively priced and service driven distributor of chemicals and chemical products worldwide. CC USA?s broad array of...
Tricalcium Citrate Tricalcium Citrate
Yellow Phosphorus Yellow Phosphorus

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Cement Plant Conveys and Weighs “Green” Bulk Fuel Ingredients in Process to Replace Coal
Flexicon Corporation.
LINCOLNSHIRE, UK — Castle Cement's Ketton Works replaced coal for firing of its rotary kilns, with Profuel™, an alternative fuel comprised of cardboard, paper, plastics, textiles, carpet and other "green" fuel waste materials. In 2002 the company built a £4-million ($7.56-million), three-stage Profuel preparation plant that required conveying and weighing of the Profuel material as well as ...
Improvements in Fuel Flexibility and Operating Cost Reduction at CSU Drake station with Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ Technolog
Fuel Tech, Inc.
ASME 2010 Power Conference July 13 – 15, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA IMPROVEMENTS IN FUEL FLEXIBILITY AND OPERATING COST REDUCTION AT CSU DRAKE STATION WITH TARGETED IN-FURNACE INJECTION™ TECHNOLOGY James Towell; Tom Martinez; David Hightower; Richard Maxey Colorado Springs Utilities Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Gerry Snow, PE; Hector Gonzalez; Robert Rians Fuel Tech, Inc. Warrenville, Illinois, ...
Demonstrated Performance Improvements on Large Lignite-Fired Boiler with TIFI Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ Technology: Overvie
Fuel Tech, Inc.
The Leland Olds Station (LOS) comprises two lignite-fired units with a combined generating capacity of 669 megawatts (MW). When Unit 1 went on-line in January 1966, it was the largest lignite power plant in the Western Hemisphere. Unit 2 began commercial operation in 1975 and is based on a Babcock & Wilcox cyclone furnace design. Even though the cyclone burner configuration removes approximately ...
Characteristics of Vinyl Ester Laminates Suitable for Chimney Liner Apps after High Temperate
AOC Resins
Chimney liner fiberglass laminates made from vinyl ester resins need to survive brief high temperature excursions during non-typical plant operations. A test vehicle was developed to characterize laminate performance based on differences in appearance, mechanical, and thermal properties before and after a thermal excursion. High performance vinyl ester resins perform exceptionally well in these ...
AVA Technology for Hazardous Waste Treatment
AVA Americas, LLC
The usage of mixers in the conditioning of ashes and dusts is well established and a proven technology at AVA The processes are highly developed in many years of practical application and the machines have proven themselves countless times. Nevertheless, new process tasks occur also in this market segment. The manufacturers of mixing and drying technologies are working on the solutions such as ...

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