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DYNATEK Loading Systems  DYNATEK articulated truck, railcar and barge loading systems based on auger, belt, drag and air slide conveyor technologies rotate up to 330 degrees, reach up to 40 feet and load at rates to 30,000 cubic feet per hour.
Articulated Air Slide-Type Loader Truck, Rail Car & Barge Loading Systems
Articulated Belt-Type Loader Truck, Rail Car & Barge Loading Systems
Dynamic Air Inc.  Manufacturer of dense phase and dilute phase vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems, vibratory equipment and process equipment including mixers, blenders, bag handling equipment.

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Moving Difficult-to-Handle Bulk Materials with Flexible Screw Conveyors
Flexicon Corporation.
Flexible screw conveyor systems can be engineered to transport bulk materials that tend to pack, cake, smear, break apart or fluidize, and can prevent the separation of blended products. Flexible screw conveyors are suitable for most bulk materials, from sub-micron powders to large pellets, both free-flowing and non-free flowing. They are capable of conveying bulk materials at any angle - over or ...
Weigh Batching: The Benefits Of An Automated System
Flexicon Corporation.
In many plants that batch-blend bulk products, weigh batching is a manual, time-consuming operation in which ingredients are weighed individually before being charged to a blender or other process vessel. A significant number of such plants could benefit from the installation of an automated weigh batching system.
The Most Efficient Distance Between Two Points
Flexicon Corporation.
When bulk material characteristics, process parameters or space restrictions call for a flexible screw conveyor. Deciding on the single most efficient method to move your material from point A to point B is a matter of simple deduction: just match your material flow characteristics, process parameters and space limitations to the performance windows and dimensional restrictions of conveyors in ...
Art or Science? The choice between dilute phase pneumatic conveying and flexible screw conveying is not always clear
Flexicon Corporation.
Everyone has rules of thumb when it comes to choosing a conveying system — rules based on bulk material characteristics, required flow rates and distances, source and destination, plant configuration, and other variables. But those with experience in all types of systems will tell you that the only real rule for choosing a conveying technology is that there are no hard-and-fast rules.
Spending Small to Save Big in a Downturn
Flexicon Corporation.
"You can't save your way to solvency" goes the business adage, but suggesting major capital improvements with long-term pay-out in tight economic times may send your co-workers running for cover. Prosperity can often be found between both extremes, where strategically placed equipment upgrades can instantly reduce or eliminate high overhead costs, particularly labor, making long-term efficiency ...

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Automatic Conveyorized Rotary Arms PRTA 2200 Phoenix Stretch Wrappers Load Stabilizing Top Platen. 30" Film Roll Pre-stretch Carriage. Film Tail Anvil Heat Sealer. High Speed 25 RPM. Top Sheet Dispenser. Remote Access Modem ...
Customized 3-Position Semi-Auto Rotating Arm Wrapper Phoenix Stretch Wrappers Objective: Keep palletizing and wrapping in small space, high volume of pallets and minimize pallet handling. Loads are tall and unstable and could not be ...
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