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International Process Plants  International Process Plants is a global company that buys & sells complete plants, used process equipment and industrial real estate, serving clients in the chemical, petrochemical, pharma, refining, paper, plastic, and...

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Mixing and Bagging Homogeneous Results
Continental Products Corporation
Prosel SRL de CV, Monterrey, Mexico, makes both solid and liquid processed specialty chemicals that are used by water treatment facilities, power plants, petrochemical facilities, oil refineries, and steel mills for industrial water treatment, metal cleaning and finishing, and other applications. The solid products can consist of all powder ingredients or a combination of powder and liquid ...
Test Lab Simulates Bulk Handling Applications
Flexicon Corporation.
Test laboratories can take the risk and guesswork out of designing and fabricating custom bulk handling equipment and systems by simulating any variety of field conditions in a controlled environment. Following a move to new headquarters in Bethlehem, PA, in 2002, Flexicon Corporation unveiled a new test laboratory equipped with full-size flexible screw conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, bulk ...
Moving Difficult-to-Handle Bulk Materials with Flexible Screw Conveyors
Flexicon Corporation.
Flexible screw conveyor systems can be engineered to transport bulk materials that tend to pack, cake, smear, break apart or fluidize, and can prevent the separation of blended products. Flexible screw conveyors are suitable for most bulk materials, from sub-micron powders to large pellets, both free-flowing and non-free flowing. They are capable of conveying bulk materials at any angle - over or ...
Spending Small to Save Big in a Downturn
Flexicon Corporation.
"You can't save your way to solvency" goes the business adage, but suggesting major capital improvements with long-term pay-out in tight economic times may send your co-workers running for cover. Prosperity can often be found between both extremes, where strategically placed equipment upgrades can instantly reduce or eliminate high overhead costs, particularly labor, making long-term efficiency ...
Potassium Amyl Xanthate
ZhuCheng ZhongXin Industry
yellow/ offwhite powder or pellet, soluble in water, labile, release heat with acid. It is a collector agent with a strongest collector ability which is used in sulphide ore, and is a good collector for cooper, zinc or nickel and auriferous pyrite, always being used in rougher flotation and scavenging process. Keep it away from skin, eyes and oral cavity. If it happens, rinse with plenty of ...

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Steam-Thru® Connection from Colder Products Company Colder Products Company The innovative design allows a quick and easy sterile connection between biopharmaceutical processing equipment and disposable bag and tube assemblies. ...
Steam-Thru® II Connection from Colder Products Company Colder Products Company Colder Products Company's Steam-Thru® II Connections' innovative design allows a quick and easy sterile connection between biopharmaceutical processing ...
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