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MV3 Inc  MV3 Inc is a Full Line Distributor of Outdoor supplies, Safety Supplies, GPS Navigation supplies, and MRO Supplies. Purchase securely online or contact our sales team at 1-(866)-779-4213.

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Super High Density Two Metal Layer Ultra-Thin Organic Substrates for Next Generation System-On-Package (SOP), SIP and Ultra-Fine
Atotech USA Inc.
In the past decade, mobile devices have supplanted computing applications as the primary drivers for package interconnection and wiring density. This shift to low-cost consumer products has resulted in the need for miniaturized, extremely low-profile and low-cost package substrates. The current leading-edge organic package substrates for portable device SiP and multi- component packages are based ...
The essential functional features of the high-speed CNC grinder
Shenyang Hermos CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
The essential functional features of the high-speed CNC grinder High-speed CNC grinder has very high requirements for the main functional parts. First of all, it requires to be a high spindle speed and power. Secondly, cnc hard turning lathes table requires a high feed rate and motion acceleration. What’s more, NC grinding’s supporting system requires a very high static rigidity, dynamic ...
High Purity Inorganic Salts
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS has known for decades that the manufacture of ultra-pure products requires immaculately refined process technologies. For more than 80 years, GFS has produced inorganic salts with low parts per million trace metal impurities. We realize the importance of low impurity materials for use in applications such as semi-conductors, electronics, pharmaceutical and power storage applications. GFS is ...
Wake up x86 devices from S5 sleep state in ms Fastboot technology for ultra small Intel® Atom™ processor designs » nanoETXexpress Computer-on-Modules » Fastboot » Instant-on » Energy efficient » Mobile Devices Wake up x86 devices from S5 sleep state in ms Fastboot technology for ultra small Intel® Atom™ processor designs By using QNX® fastboot technology on Intel® Atom™ processor based ...
Positive displacement meters: pros, cons and selection
Litre Meter Limited
Positive displacement flowmeters, sometimes known as PD meters, have been around for more than 100 years. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications from domestic water measurement to measuring ultra flow rates of chemical at high pressures subsea. First off – what is a positive displacement' meter Well, as the name suggests it involves the positive displacement of a volume of fluid ...

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High Precision Ultra Low Pressure Reducing Regulator - LPR2 Equilibar, LLC
Pressure control across ultra wide flow rate range Equilibar, LLC
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