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Magnum Systems.  Magnum Systems is a leading process company specializing in pneumatic conveying, packaging, and automation. Founded in 2001, Magnum Systems consist of two unique and well known divisions: Smoot and Taylor Products. Smoot,...
Open Mouth Bag Scale-OM2 Series The OM2 Series scale utilizes Taylor’s patented beam scale is self dampening, and the weight pointer and calibration adjustment are located directly on the...
Open Mouth Bag Scale-TE 100 Taylor Product's TE 100 includes more features than most large scales. The operator simply sets the weight and hangs the bag. The unit clamps the bag in...
Taylor Products, Div. of Magnum Systems  Magnum Systems is a leading process company specializing in pneumatic conveying, packaging, and automation. Founded in 2001, Magnum Systems consist of two unique and well known divisions: Smoot and Taylor Products. Smoot,...
Electronic Bagging Scale Taylor Product's TE100 includes more features than most large scales. The operator simply sets the weight and hangs the bag. The unit clamps the bag in...
Large Vibratory Net-Weigh Scale The VN Series has been designed for difficult to feed or fragile materials. The VN includes a large vibratory feeding pan with a two-speed fill rate which...
OCS Checkweighers GmbH  Checkweigher, High Speed, X-Ray Inspection, Metal Detection, Catchweigher, check weigh,
Rice Lake Weighing Systems.  Rice Lake Weighing Systems, an ISO 9001-registered company, has been a leader in the industrial scale and process-control weighing industry for 60 years. We design, manufacture, and distribute equipment through the...
BCi Belt Scale Move up to 10,000 tons of material per hour with the BCi In-Motion Belt Scale System. Driven by Rice Lake's powerful 920i indicator, the BCi system...
Navigator™ XT, Ohaus Touchless IR (infrared) sensors minimize keypad use.Program IR sensor to control operations including zero, print, function, tare, backlight and power
Cordano Packaging Engineers, LLC  Cordano Packaging Engineers, LLC is based in Cumming, Georgia USA. CPE specializes in industrial packaging and handling systems for dry bulk into bags, and operates as North American agents for Technipes SRL. Technipes is...
ELECTRONIC NET WEIGH SCALES Technipes SRL manufactures the industries most diverse range of net weigh scales. Designed for use with baggers, these scales may be equipped with a variety...
Net Weigh Semi-Auto Bag Fillers net weigh fillers are paired with TE Series electronic scales ,
Mettler-Toledo International Inc  METTLER TOLEDO is the world leader in scales and weighing systems for industrial, retail and laboratory applications. We offer a choice of scales for nearly every weighing application. However, we believe our industry...
Bench-/ stand scales-PBA220-A6 These series of scale platforms provides flexible, rugged and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of weighing tasks in dry environments. The variety...
Compact Scales METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of compact bench scales for any purposes. Ranges from 0.6kg up to 600kg and platform sizes from 100 mm up to 600x800mm...
Central Chemical & Service Corp  Central Chemical & Service provides a wide variety of specialty consulting services which have been vital to the success of new products for other companies. As with any growing company in a changing industry, the focus...
DIGITAL GRAM SCALES FOR MIXING COLORS This compact scale is ideal for quick, smaller amount, custom matches of seven ounces (200 grams) or less.
HBM  Since 1950, HBM has built a globally-respected reputation in the Test and Measurement industry, based on the supply of reliable precision transducers and measurement solutions across a broad range of industries. As a...
Chair scales Chair scales
Suspended scales Suspended scales
Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc  St. Louis-based Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. is a diversified worldwide manufacturing and service company focused on four primary business platforms: Packaging Automation Equipment IT and Engineering Consulting...
Series 6161 Masterweigh™ The Series 6161 Masterweigh Net Weigh Scale provides extremely accurate, high-speed weighing of a wide range of products, from granular free-flowing...
Huntsman, Inc.  Huntsman, Inc. was formed in early February of 1989 from the C.K. Brown & Assoc. employees. C.K. Brown came from the old Bill Steel Rep Organization of Sutton, Steel & Steel. Huntsman brought many years of Industrial...
ESP GB-32 For filling free flowing, non-dusty products.Fill 5 to 6 50 lb bags per minute at +/- 4 to 6 oz accuracy
OM-2(A) Bagging Scale Taylor's patented self-dampening weigh beam.15-120lb. Weighments
Comeau Technique Ltd  COMEAU TECHNIQUE brings to you one of the most extensive selections of high-quality, brand-name laboratory products, instruments, biotechnology and ecological supplies - all at our lowest possible prices. Since 1975, we...
Digital Crane Scale 10000KG Capacity 10000kg/22046lb Graduation: 2.0kg/4.4lb Accuracy: +/- 0.1% full scale These rugged heavy-duty crane scales offer the latest easy-to-use...
Digital Crane Scale 1000kg Capacity 1000kg/2205lb Graduation: 0.2kg/0.4lb Accuracy: +/- 0.1% full scale These rugged heavy-duty crane scales offer the latest easy-to-use...
International Process Plants  International Process Plants is a global company that buys & sells complete plants, used process equipment and industrial real estate, serving clients in the chemical, petrochemical, pharma, refining, paper, plastic, and...
Scientific Calibration, Inc.  Lab supplies and Equipment, Chemical and safety provider, Calibration services, Used Lab Equipment.
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Technology Business Research, Inc
Author: Krista Macomber, Research Analyst Published: 08.17.11 NetApp's near-term forecast looks clear, but economic uncertainty and deep ties to the Public Sector indicate clouds that could dampen growth might be rolling in Although NetApp achieved strong financial performance in 2Q11, TBR anticipates market volatility and macroeconomic uncertainty experienced during the quarter will create ...
Chemtex Speciality Limited
HTF System Cleaner, Degreaser And Surface Modifier HTF System Cleaner, Degreaser and Surface Modifier plays a vital role in keeping the closed loop system operating efficiently. Particularly, the removal of foulants such as corrosion scales, water derived mineral deposits, grease, oil- based deposits etc. The presence of dust, dirt and scales are also common. Cleaning of new system is just as ...
Northern California Warehouse Solves Water Treatment Problem In Evaporative Coolers
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
A Northern California warehouse was having problems preventing equipment failures and scale in nine industrial evaporative coolers and swamp coolers. Find out how a product, manufactured by Cannon Water Technology, helped them eliminate this issue.
Pretreatment Option for RO
Eco-Tec Inc
PRETREATMENT OPTION TO ENSURE LONGER RO MEMBRANE LIFE By Jane Mai, EIT, B.A.Sc. Eco-Tec Inc. Much like death and taxes, reverse osmosis membrane fouling is inevitable. However, there are preventative measures that can be taken to minimize scaling and fouling that will ensure longer reverse osmosis membrane life. REVERSE OSMOSIS Reverse osmosis (RO) involves forcing water through a ...
Water Treatment - Non-Chemical Device
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
WalMart cold storage warehouse was started up in June, 2001. The cooling system consisted of five (5) Frick screw type ammonia compressors, remote pump set and cold well, and a single four (4) cell Evapco evaporative condenser cooling tower rated at 1100 tons. The cooling water side of the system was equipped with a conductivity type blowdown unit and a total of five (5) "Fluidton Systems" NCD ...

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