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Continental Rotating Drum Mixer is Worth all the Tea in China - Case Study
Continental Products Corporation
After 9/11, importing tea from overseas became problematic due to the lengthy time containers spent in port awaiting FDA approval. Read how one company, Adagio Tea, Inc., brought their tea flavoring in-house and streamlined their supply chain while improving quality control.
Specifying Polyethylene Tanks
Snyder Industries Inc
Specifying Rotationally-Molded PE Storage Tanks by Darrell Oltman Each of the commonly used materials of construction for PE bulk storage and processing tanks has advantages and disadvantages in particular use conditions. For some applications, several materials of construction may be acceptable. The key is recognizing each materials' strengths and weaknesses and applying them to the application ...
Bengbu Tonyoung Imp. And Exp. Co.,Ltd. Document
Bengbu Tonyoung Imp. And Exp. Co.,Ltd.
Product code: TONYOUNG038 Supplier: Bengbu Tonyoung Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd. Area source: Anhui China Nature of the product: 100% pure and natural essential oil obtained by steam distillation of fresh plants ginger root (Zingiber officinale Rosc)., from the designed source. Odor: Having a spicy woody terpene warm ginger citrus. Appearance and Color: yellow or slight-yellowish clear ...
Positive displacement meters: pros, cons and selection
Litre Meter Limited
Positive displacement flowmeters, sometimes known as PD meters, have been around for more than 100 years. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications from domestic water measurement to measuring ultra flow rates of chemical at high pressures subsea. First off – what is a positive displacement' meter Well, as the name suggests it involves the positive displacement of a volume of fluid ...
Optimizing Chemiluminescent Western Blots for the Odyssey Fc Dual-Mode Imaging System
LI-COR Biosciences
How to optimize the factors that affect chemiluminescent Western blots, as well as a troubleshooting guide.

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Customized 3-Position Semi-Auto Rotating Arm Wrapper Phoenix Stretch Wrappers Objective: Keep palletizing and wrapping in small space, high volume of pallets and minimize pallet handling. Loads are tall and unstable and could not be ...
Phoenix PRTA-2150 Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine Phoenix Stretch Wrappers Overhead Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper systems eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped. Heavy or unstable loads are wrapped quickly and ...
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