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SURE FLOW Products, LLC  Sure Flow Products, LLC offers a variety of flow meter technologies for all applications in liquids, air and gases. We specialize in liquid filtration equipment that includes housings, bags, cartridges, and strainers. We...
SERIES DF : Portable, Non-Intrusive Flow meter Non-Intrusive No Moving Parts No Routine Maintenance Required No Contact with Liquid Not Affected by Line Pressure Large 3.5” LCD Readout Low Battery...
SERIES SFB-Ball and SFP-Paddle Styles : Low Cost Entry Level Flow Indication Clear Flow Indication – Full View of Process Operates Over a Wide Flow Range No Routine Maintenance Required 230 PSI/400 Degrees F...
MV3 Inc  MV3 Inc is a Full Line Distributor of Outdoor supplies, Safety Supplies, GPS Navigation supplies, and MRO Supplies. Purchase securely online or contact our sales team at 1-(866)-779-4213.

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The State of the Art in Gas Cleaning for the Fertilizer Industry
Kimre, Inc.
The fertilizer industry has earned recognition for having contributed directly to increase world grain yields in the past century. Based on the conservative estimate of the world population growth, total fertilizer use in the future is expected to grow more than 200 million tons from the current level of 165 million tons. In U.S.A. and other countries the industries have always been challenged to ...
Huachangfeng Equipment Inc. Document
Huachangfeng Equipment Inc.
Huachangfeng Equipment, Inc started in 1994, and is located in Beijing Fangshan Industry Park, which gives it a strategic location with convenient transport facilities. During 15 years development, HAF owns several patents and a number of international quality certificates including API, ISO9001, ISO 14000,OHSAS18000, TS29001 and so on. In addition, HAF is the supplier of China Petroleum and ...
Lowe Sanitary Equipment Standard
Marion Mixers, Inc
Equipment built on sanitary design principles may carry a higher price tag, but it will actually reduce your cost in the long run. In many plants equipment requires lengthy, time-consuming disassembly for proper cleaning, or is even impossible to clean according to sanitary standards. Putting production and cleanabilty needs in balance will lead to labor efficiencies and cost savings that more ...
Oil Recovery Reduces Sewer Cleaning
Oil Skimmers, Inc.
IBM’s Clean Energy Project - Sustainability Spotlight
Technology Business Research, Inc
IBM has partnered with Harvard University researchers on a new WCG project to discover organic materials that have the potential to create a more efficient and lower-cost solar cell. If this research proves fruitful, it has the potential to make solar energy much more cost-competitive with fossil fuels and other power generation methodologies. The project not only has the potential of solving ...

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Filtering PVA with Self-Cleaning Filte Russell Finex
Lakos Twist II Clean Cannon Water Technology Inc. Watch a product overview of the Lakos Twist II Clean.
Cleaning Ultrasonic Equipment Sportsborg Chemicals

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Cleaning Ultrasonic Equipment Cannon Water Technology Inc. Chemicals
Cleaning Ultrasonic Equipment Belmont Metals Inc. Company
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