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Design Etics  With over 20 years of industry experience, Designetics has designed and manufactured over 1,000 patented flow application systems to meet a wide range of specifications for applying primers, adhesives, sealants and other...
MV3 Inc  MV3 Inc is a Full Line Distributor of Outdoor supplies, Safety Supplies, GPS Navigation supplies, and MRO Supplies. Purchase securely online or contact our sales team at 1-(866)-779-4213.
COX North America  COX North America, Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of COX hand-held sealant and adhesive applicators and is located in Haslett, Michigan. All products in the COX line are manufactured in-house at three locations:...

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Mixer Applications
Marion Mixers, Inc
Food Plastic Chemic Minera Recyclin Energy This 45 cubic foot paddle mixer was custom designed for toll blending a variety of proprietary food recipes. The machine efficiently mixes powders, granules, pastes or slurries. The paddle style agitator can mix fragile ingredients like nuts, fruits and vegetables without breakage. All internal surfaces are ground smooth and polished for easy cleaning. ...
Multivariate Analysis Application Metabonomics
CAMO Software
Metabonomics is an extension of genomics and proteomics which deals with quantitative measurement of metabolomes, or molecular profiles, and their response to external factors. Metabonomics can lead to more efficient drug discovery, specialized treatments, and targeted diets. Multivariate data analysis is essential in metabonomic studies. The data presented here originates from 1H NMR analyses of ...
Applications of Tungsten Ordnance
Stanford Materials Corporation
Stanford Materials Multiple applications of tungsten ordnance are used around the world. In military affairs, it is used to harden bullets thus transforming them into armor penetrating rounds. Tungsten bullets are very hard and dense. This enables them to defeat armor upon impact. Their weight makes the bullets' kinetic potential very high. Armor penetrating ...
Using SQL in an Embedded Computer Application
Raima Inc.
SQL has become the industry standard database access language incentivizing embedded computer applications companies to adopt SQL to meet their database management requirements. This article takes a look at ways these developers can efficiently make use of SQL in their applications.
Metal Molybdenum: Usage In Various Applications
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Metal Molybdenum: Usage In Various Applications The history of metal molybdenum dates back to year 1782 when Peter Jacob Hjelm isolated it for first time in a lab. However, it took a long time before people came to know about its usage in various applications. It remained in laboratories only for a major part of the nineteenth century. ...

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Process Heating Solutions - Salsa Application Pick Heaters, Inc Salsa applications, as well as any application requiring non-shear cooking of bite-size pieces, are excellent for the Pick sanitary heater.
Process Heating Solutions with Steam Injection -- Pudding Application Pick Heaters, Inc This pudding application demonstrates the Pick Heater's ability to instantly heat product, maintaining texture, color and flavor.\n\nThe Pick Heater ...
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