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NOAH TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION  Noah Technologies is a manufacturer of high purity and high technology chemicals for research and production.
VANADIUM (IV) CHLORIDE, 99.9% pure, liquid, (Vanadium Tetrachloride), VCl4 VANADIUM (IV) CHLORIDE, 99.9% pure, liquid, (Vanadium Tetrachloride), VCl4

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Unique Properties of Titanium Alloys
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Titanium is a strong, yet lightweight material. It may have been considered a "space age" metal when it was first used commercially in the 1950s, but today, there are many titanium products available in the market. Through improved manufacturing technologies, production of titanium has become more efficient and economical. Products made ...
Medical Grade Titanium Materials - Indispensable to the Medical Industry
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Medical Grade Titanium Materials - Indispensable to the Titanium is one chemical element that has varied uses in human life. Because of its unique properties such as high strength, low density, high heat resistance, and anti-corrosion, titanium materials find their way in many industries. It is a well-known fact that the first uses of ...
Star Earth (Rare Earth Products)
STAR Earth Minerals Pvt Ltd
Star Earth Minerals Pvt.Ltd. is manufacturer of rare earth compounds for commercial and R&D applications making use of indigenous raw material. our products have extensive use in Glass, Catalyst and Ceramic, Electronics and Paint industries. We have strong R & D facility which can produce the material as per desired product specifications. We have a team of experienced chemists with ...
Waste Water Chemicals
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS can provide any analytical reagent grade chemical or standard needed by laboratories WASTE WATER CHEMICALS performing water analysis for water plants and wastewater treatment plants. GFS has been supplying these operations with quality, economical products for more than 80 years. GFS manufactures a variety of products for the waste water industry (including but not limited to): Barium ...
Treatment of High Total Organic Carbon. High Natural Color Source of Supplv Usins Polvaluminum Hvdroxvchloride (pACL)
Holland Company, Inc.
The goal of the research was to investigate various types of polyaluminum (pACls) chlorides with respect to treating a high high color, low aftalinity water supply. Alum was used as Toc, a reference coagulant and PACIs of various basicities were studied. pACls with and without sulfate were examined. Research objectives included: 1) to evaluate alum and various pACls by conventional clarification ...

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Chloride Test Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Delivering High Performance Renewable Energy. FMC Lithium. FMC Corporation - FMC Lithium Eric Norris, VP and Global Business Director for Lithium Division, speaks about the lithium business and about FMC's sustainability efforts.
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