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ChemSol, LLC  Founded in 1996, ChemSol has become recognized for its commitment to customer service and exceptional ability to accommodate the precise needs of each individual customer. Our awareness and monitoring of customer order...
Continental Chemical USA  Since 1985, Continental Chemical USA has been consistently recognized as a highly reliable, competitively priced and service driven distributor of chemicals and chemical products worldwide. CC USA?s broad array of...
Phosphates (STPP, DCP, DKP...) Phosphates (STPP, DCP, DKP...)
Tricalcium Citrate Tricalcium Citrate
Crest Industrial Chemicals Inc.  Crest Industrial Chemicals, Inc. specializes in blending chemical compounds for a wide range of industries including chemicals for aircraft maintenance, metal processing and finishing, oilfield equipment, painting, engine...
Dien Inc.  They at Dien, Inc. believe in the art of relationship. They believe in the relationships that they hold with one another, their customers, and their vendors. They will focus on the details, make it personal, and foster...
Phosphate Blend Phosphate Blend
Duheng Biotechnology Co.,ltd  Founded in 2005, Duheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd is one of the best emerging integrated pharmaceutical companies in China. An integrated company that can provide full business support, R&D, import, export, custom processing...
Sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate Name Sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate Synonyms ...
Ethox Chemicals, LLC  Ethox Chemicals located in Donaldson Industrial Park, Greenville, South Carolina, on a 40-acre site. Along with three affiliates, Piedmont Chemical, Custom Synthesis, and Dooley Chemicals, Ethox provides a broad range of...
Phosphate Esters Phosphate Esters
FCI-NJ INC  First Continental International (NJ) Inc. was established in 1996. The corporation offers more than half a century of experience in raw material manufacturing, quality control, and transportation to one's dock.FCI...
Dipotassium Phosphate Dipotassium Phosphate .
Filo Chemical Incorporated  Filo Chemical is a well established supplier and distributor of organic chemical intermediates, phosphorous derivatives, phosphates, inorganic acids and more  Founded in 1849, Fougera is a division of Nycomed US Inc. and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of topical products.
GC3 Specialty Chemicals, Inc.  GC3 Specialty Chemicals provides industrial water treatment chemicals and services including boiler treatment, cooling water treatment, and wastewater treatment.
Phosphates (TSP, DSP, MSP) Phosphates (TSP, DSP, MSP) .
GFS Chemicals Inc.  Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents Inorganic Chemical Compounds Fine and Specialty Chemicals Organic Fine Chemicals
Laboratory Reagents Laboratory Chemicals
Gland Pharma  Established in the year 1978 as an exclusive facility for Small Volume Parenterals (SVPs), Gland Pharma has developed into a progressive and quality conscious organization serving the pharmaceutical needs of diverse...
Global Seven, Inc.  Global Seven is a unique producer of specialty chemicals for personal care, household and industrial products. Complementing their product line is flexibility to custom design products and finished formulations to suit...
HETPHOS 1010-10 An emulsifier and surfactant.
HETPHOS 353 An effective emulsifier and surfactant especially for ethnic hair care.
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Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co.,Ltd Document
Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co.,Ltd
Famous product information of international market Based on our opinion, we think at the moment, famous brand ranking list of food phosphate quality should as follows: This kind product require phosphate with high emulsify ability; adherence; firmness; good taste; water retention for meat product. Famous brand : Budenheim Abastol 2001and we find Budenheim only develop several products in ...
The State of the Art in Gas Cleaning for the Fertilizer Industry
Kimre, Inc.
The fertilizer industry has earned recognition for having contributed directly to increase world grain yields in the past century. Based on the conservative estimate of the world population growth, total fertilizer use in the future is expected to grow more than 200 million tons from the current level of 165 million tons. In U.S.A. and other countries the industries have always been challenged to ...
Automatic Monitoring and Control of Cooling Water Treatment Products
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Control of cooling water inhibitor dosage is one of the critical issues in achieving good results as to control of scale, corrosion and deposition; minimization of water management program operating cost; and environmental compliance. Manual test and control using easy to test for actives such as chromate, phosphate, and molybdate can provide acceptable results but better results can be found ...
Extended Operation of a Cooling Tower
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Solution ProChemTech was requested to investigate the problem on a competitive basis. Following an evaluation of the makeup water quality and plant cooling water system; a new water management program based on use of softened makeup water with appropriate water treatment chemistry was proposed. As softening the makeup water removed all scale forming minerals from the cooling water, the major ...
Balancing the Sweet & Sour: Acidulant Selection for Beverages
Bartek Ingredients
Choosing the right beverage acidulant is vital in order to achieve a desired flavour profile, acidity and mineral dilution. Increasingly, secondary acidulants are also finding a role in masking the aftertaste of high intensity sweeteners T HERE are seven beverage acidulants in commer- cial use. These are Citric, Fumaric, Lactic, Malic, Phosphoric, and Tartaric Acids, and recently in- troduced, ...

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The Chemical Company The Chemical Company The Chemical Company, based in Jamestown, RI, can facilitate all aspects of bulk chemical supply and sales. With years of experience and a knowledgeable ...
The Chemical Company-2 The Chemical Company The Chemical Company is based in Jamestown, RI, and services every aspect of the chemical industry.
Phosphates Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp. Company

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