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Calcium Sulfate

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GFS Chemicals Inc.  Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents Inorganic Chemical Compounds Fine and Specialty Chemicals Organic Fine Chemicals Research and Analytical Chemicals
Bregaglio s.r.l.  Bregaglio has always added value to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with the strength of its expertise and the availability of its well-equipped laboratories an pilot equipment for the research and development...
Vivion, Inc.  Vivion, Inc. is a chemical and ingredient distributor, that was established in 1957. We serve the western states from our 5 strategically located warehouses and four offices. Our focus is in the Nutraceutical, Food,...
Harcros Chemicals Inc.  Harcros Chemicals Inc is a major distributor and producer of industrial chemicals.
Absorbent Chemical Processing,Industrial & Institutional Cleaners,Metal Working & Finishing,Soaps & Detergents
United States Gypsum Company  The Industrial Products Division of United States Gypsum Company provides high-quality products for use in a wide range of applications. A century of specialized experience, combined with our state-of-the-art extensive...
CA-5 Filler USG manufactures calcium sulfate additives from high purity gypsum for a wide range of polymer applications that include thermoplastics, thermosets, and...
CAS20 -4 Filler USG produces high quality calcium sulfate additives from high purity gypsum for a wide range of industrial and chemical applications that include specialty...
GS Robins  For more than 85 years, their valued customers have relied on G.S. Robins as their key supplier for hundreds of specialty chemical products. Responding to customer and market needs, G.S. Robins and Company created a...
MCV Enterprises & Associates, Inc.  MCV Enterprises & Associates, Inc., opened its doors in February 1995 exporting chemical products to the Caribbean, Central and South America. They specialize in Boric Acid, Borax (Decahydrate & Pentahydrate), Ulexite...
Calcium Sulfate Calcium Sulfate
Seacole  Seacole is a diversified chemical manufacturing and distribution company offering essential products and services to a wide variety of markets worldwide.
Calcium Sulfate Calcium Sulfate
LGM Pharma  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Supplier in the U.S.
KRONOX lab Sciences Pvt Ltd  KRONOX LAB is able to produce high purity chemicals that are virtually free of impurities. Products are rigorously tested to confirm that they do not contain impurities beyond standard limits.
Canton Chem, Inc.  CANTON CHEM, INC. is a major importer and distributor of quality fine/specialty chemicals for Pharmaceutical Ingredients, ACS Reagents, Nutritional, Food, Beverage, Photographic, Personal /Oral Care, and Veterinarian...
Brenntag Southeast  Brenntag Southeast is a member of the Brenntag North America group of companies, a leader in the growth market for the distribution of industrial and specialty chemicals. We distribute a wide variety of chemicals and...
Seidler Chemical Co., Inc.  Seidler Chemical Company has served as a supplier, distributor, blender and re-packager of quality chemicals and ingredients.
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Calcium Sulfate Research Library

Waste Water Chemicals
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS can provide any analytical reagent grade chemical or standard needed by laboratories WASTE WATER CHEMICALS performing water analysis for water plants and wastewater treatment plants. GFS has been supplying these operations with quality, economical products for more than 80 years. GFS manufactures a variety of products for the waste water industry (including but not limited to): Barium ...
Improving the Texture of Low Fat Ice Cream with Dairyblend IC EZ Stabilizers
There is continued consumer interest in healthier yet indulgent dessert options. Current fat levels in ice cream on the market typically range from 10-15%. Manufacturers continue to search for ways to make high quality reduced fat ice cream products. Reduced and low fat ice creams typically contain between 3-8% fat. Visual and textural defects such as ice crystal formation, lack of body, loss of ...
Fireworks Chemicals – The Chemistry of Fireworks
Avomeen Analytical Services
FIREWORKS CHEMICALS – THE CHEMISTRY OF FIREWORKS From basic noisemakers comprised of merely a fuse and a small amount of black powder wrapped in paper to the massive professional fireworks which travel hundreds of feet into the air and often involve multiple complex stages which can take weeks if not months to assemble, the chemistry of fireworks and their intense displays of sound and light is ...
Marcellus Hydrofracture Flowback and Production Wastewater Treatment, Recycle, and Disposal Technologies
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Development of the Marcellus gas play in the Northeast; primarily Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia, will generate an estimated 7,000 million gallons per year (mgy) of hydrofracture flowback and production wastewater that will have to be managed. This wastewater, as shown by the following “typical” analysis, contains substantial amounts of toxic barium as well as large amounts of many ...
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
The reuse of treated industrial wastewater as makeup for cooling towers, or reuse in a process, is being considered more often today as fresh waters become increasingly limited and costly, and discharge regulations become more stringent. Economic benefits include reduction and/or elimination of costs for fresh makeup water, sewerage fees, effluent monitoring, and permitting. A sometimes pleasant ...

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