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GFS Chemicals Inc.  Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents Inorganic Chemical Compounds Fine and Specialty Chemicals Organic Fine Chemicals
NOAH TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION  Noah Technologies is a manufacturer of high purity and high technology chemicals for research and production.
Allan Chemical Corp.  Allan Chemical is a key supplier of high quality chemicals meeting ACS, USP, and FCC compendia. Sourced world-wide and warehoused locally.
Stearates Stearates: Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, & Zinc. Grades: NF, EP, FCC, & Kosher
U.S. Chemicals LLC  Serving the needs of the chemical industry for over 50 years, U.S. Chemicals, LLC combines quality, innovation, and service like none other.
Calcium Chloride 10043-52-4
Chemicals At U.S. Chemicals we have dedicated a great deal of time to assure that we meet and more importantly exceed customer needs...most of our headquarter staff...
Tianjin Xinxin Chemical Factory  Zinc Sulphate,Calcium Hypochlorite,Zinc Chloride,Magnesium Sulphate,Aluminum Sulfate, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Potassium Hydroxide, TCCA, SDIC, Sodium Sulfate, Calcium Carbide, Calcium Chloride, PAC
TETRA Technologies, Inc.  With seven North American and three European calcium chloride production facilities and a significant marketing presence, TETRA is the leading worldwide producer and marketer of calcium chloride. In addition to being a...
Briners Grade Briners grade calcium chloride (CaCl2) is a white, odorless, high quality granular calcium chloride with 94-97 percent CaCl2 by weight. This product is an...
Cor-Clear Dry Foliar Calcium Cor-Clear® calcium nutrient product is a high quality source of granular calcium chloride used primarily as a foliar calcium nutrient for apples, pears,...
QINGDAO LOTUS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD  ammonium chloride, choline chloride,
Calcium Chloride Calcium Chloride
Peters Chemical Company  Peters Chemical Company is one of the leading suppliers of industrial and chemical lime (calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide, lime kiln dust) and agricultural limestone (PCC Agricultural Limestone) in the Northeast. We...
Peladow No other ice-melt product works on snow and ice better than PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets. Comparative performance tests and scientific research prove...
Macco Organiques Inc.  Macco Organiques Inc. was formed in 1986 to acquire the assets of a long-standing chemical manufacturing company in Valleyfield (Quebec) producing propionates, benzoates, acetates and calcium chloride. Since then, Macco...
HEBEI AOYASI CHEMICAL CO., LTD  HEBEI AOYASI CHEMICAL CO., LTD HEBEI AOYASI CHEMICAL CO., LTD is the leading and large-scale chemicals enterprise located in Shijiazhuang municipal , Hebei Province, 270 kilometers far from Beijing and near SeaPort...
RussTech, Inc  Since 1967, RussTech has been a Kentucky corporation supplying admixtures to the construction industry. Today, 33 years later, the company has tripled in size. RussTech is a key raw materials supplier throughout the...
29% CALCIUM CHLORIDE 29% CALCIUM CHLORIDE is a set accelerating admixture for concrete. It is designed to facilitate the placing and finishing of concrete while providing...
Magnesium Products Inc.  Magnesium Products, Inc grew as the work of its entrepreneurial owner was asked to research, manufacture and purify exponentially more stringently controlled saline products. With his background in metallurgy and...
Calcium Chloride Calcium Chloride
Molecular Products Limited  Molecular Products Group plc is a family owned business with direct subsidiaries in Europe, N. America and Asia. Protecting the Environment Since 1924:- Founded in 1924, the company has shown consistent growth through...
Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Nuts White almond shaped 15-30mm nuts/pellets, specifically designed for the dehydration of both gas and liquid hydrocarbons such as natural gas, LPG, kerosene...
Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Powder While almond powder, specifically designed for the dehydration of both gas and liquid hydrocarbons such as natural gas, LPG, kerosene and diesel fuel.
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Vampire Facelift – What Should You Know?
Best Herbal Extract
A Vampire Facelift is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedure where a gel-like substance is derived from a persons’ blood and then, injected back into different areas to remove wrinkles. In this procedure, the gel is derived from one’s own blood, which is a Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) or blood plasma enriched with platelets. It is then activated using calcium chloride or thrombin, ...
alginate production technique
Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation
Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation No. 98 West Shenzhen Road Rizhao Shandong P. R. China TEL: (86) 633 8235373 FAX: (86) 633 8235533 Email: Http:// ======================================== ============================= The alginic acid, or called algin or alginate, is an anionic polysaccharide distributed widely in the cell walls of brown ...
Teloon chemical
Teloon Chemicals International co., ltd
we are the best chemcial exporter
nanoXIM•CarePaste Reduces Dental Hypersensitivity and Promotes Enamel Remineralization
Dental hypersensitivity is a major, common dental condition that occurs in approximately 57% of adults. Among individuals with periodontal disease, the prevalence can reach as much as 98% [1]. The condition usually arises as a result of continuous teeth erosion brought about by the action of foods, drinks and hot and cold temperatures that expose the dentin and underlying nerves, as shown in ...
Rugged Assmann Polyethyelene Storage Tanks
Assmann Corporation of America
Rugged Assmann Polyethylene Storage Tanks provide easy access to salt brine solution and In the state of Maine, where snow can make its appearance as early as mid-October and stay around until the first of May, keeping the roads passable in the winter season keeps the Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) busy. In 2000, for example, road crews had to deal with 100 inches of snow. To better ...

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