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Ammonium Nitrate

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NOAH TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION  Noah Technologies is a manufacturer of high purity and high technology chemicals for research and production.
AMMONIUM NITRATE, 99.99+% pure, crystal, NH4NO3 AMMONIUM NITRATE, 99.99+% pure, crystal, NH4NO3
AMMONIUM NITRATE, ACS Reagent, crystal, NH4NO3 AMMONIUM NITRATE, ACS Reagent, crystal, NH4NO3
Allan Chemical Corp.  Allan Chemical is a key supplier of high quality chemicals meeting ACS, USP, and FCC compendia. Sourced world-wide and warehoused locally.
Stearates Stearates: Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, & Zinc. Grades: NF, EP, FCC, & Kosher
GFS Chemicals Inc.  Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents Inorganic Chemical Compounds Fine and Specialty Chemicals Organic Fine Chemicals
The Chemical Company  The Chemical Company has been a global chemical supplier and distributor for 25 years specializing in a wide range of industrial chemicals including Polymer additives, Fertilizers, Solvents, and Food/Feed Ingredients.
Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium Nitrate, Crystals Ammonium Nitrate, Crystals
Skyhawk Chemicals, Inc.  Skyhawk Chemicals sells commodity and specialty chemicals on the Gulf Coast to many different sectors of industry.
Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate
CellMark USA, LLC  CellMark Chemicals sources specialty chemicals for industrial use, health & personal care and catalyst & gas processing. Visit:...
Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate
Terra Industries  Terra Industries Inc. is a leading international producer of nitrogen products for agricultural, industrial and environmental markets. We own and operate six North American nitrogen products manufacturing facilities and...
EL Dorado Chemical Company  El Dorado Chemical produces concentrated nitric acid (CNA), sulfuric acid, weak nitric acid at its facility in El Dorado, Arkansas. We also blend nitric acid with sulfuric acid to produce a mixed nitrating acid at our...
E-2 AMMONIUM NITRATE Ammonium Nitrate produces consistently higher quality forages.E-2 Ammonium Nitrate is your most effective nitrogen source in producing more pounds of...
CF Industries Holdings, Inc.  CF Industries is a global leader in fertilizer manufacturing and distribution, the second largest nitrogen fertilizer producer in the world and the third largest phosphate fertilizer producer among public companies. CF...
Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate (AN), is a granular, nitrogen-based product with a nitrogen content of 34%. AN is a popular nitrogen fertilizer in the southeastern U.S.,...
Urea Ammonium Nitrate UAN solution, produced by combining urea, nitric acid, and ammonia, is a liquid fertilizer product with a nitrogen content that typically ranges from 28...
ORICA USA, Inc.  Orica Mining Services offers commercial explosives, initiating systems and Blast-Based Services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries. The business is run globally with a presence in Australia, Asia,...
TradeMark Nitrogen Corp.  TradeMark Nitrogen Corp. is a wholesale manufacturer and seller of nitrogen-based liquid solutions. Primarily focused on providing high quality products, world-class customer service, and a safe environment for customers...
Ammonium Nitrate Solution 21% Ammonia Nitrate (AN) Solution - 21% consists of pure ammonia nitrate and water. TradeMark Nitrogen supplies AN solution in 21, 24, 29 and 30 percent...
Ammonium Nitrate Solution 24% Ammonia Nitrate (AN) Solution - 24% consists of pure ammonia nitrate and water. TradeMark Nitrogen supplies AN solution in 21, 24, 29 and 30 percent...
Industrial Chemicals Inc.  Our operations include repackaging, storage, blending, contract packaging, contract storage, and chemical logistic services. We are headquartered in Virginia, offering services nationwide on most of our lines. We pride...
Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate
I.C. Trading Co., Inc.  I.C. Trading Co., Inc. is a major global supplier and U.S. distributor of high quality chemicals, mainly from Poland.I.C. Trading sources directly from 16 major ISO certified chemical manufacturers with the product lines...
Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate
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Star Earth (Rare Earth Products)
STAR Earth Minerals Pvt Ltd
Star Earth Minerals Pvt.Ltd. is manufacturer of rare earth compounds for commercial and R&D applications making use of indigenous raw material. our products have extensive use in Glass, Catalyst and Ceramic, Electronics and Paint industries. We have strong R & D facility which can produce the material as per desired product specifications. We have a team of experienced chemists with ...
Cerium Chemistry
GFS Chemicals Inc.
Cerium, atomic no.: 58, symbol as Ce, weight at 140.12, is the most abundant of the rare earths. It is characterized chemically by having two valence states, the +3 cerous and +4 ceric states. The ceric state is the only non-trivalent rare earth ion stable in aqueous solutions. It is, therefore, strongly acidic and a strong oxidizer. The cerous state closely resembles the other trivalent rare ...
The State of the Art in Gas Cleaning for the Fertilizer Industry
Kimre, Inc.
The fertilizer industry has earned recognition for having contributed directly to increase world grain yields in the past century. Based on the conservative estimate of the world population growth, total fertilizer use in the future is expected to grow more than 200 million tons from the current level of 165 million tons. In U.S.A. and other countries the industries have always been challenged to ...
Soil Testing Catalog
GFS Chemicals Inc.
Contact us for complete specifications, availability, delivery times, pricing, or to place an order. To Order Call: (800) 838-5567 ext. 125 GFS Chemicals, Inc. 800 Kaderly Drive Columbus, OH 43228 ISO 9001:2008 Certified Great Products Fast Delivery Service Excellence GFS Manufactures Chemicals and Reagents for Laboratory Soil Analysis
Yindu Chemical Catalog
Company Profile Henan Yindu Chemical CO., LTD. (The previous Qixian Yindu Chemical Plant) is a professional productive enterprise of Thiocyanate and Sodium Hydrosulfide. With strong technical strength, advanced equipment and complete testing methods, most products are exported all over the world esp. to the West and Middle East. Our products mainly include Ammonium Thiocyanate, Sodium ...

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AMCO Clear Difference GFS Chemicals Inc.
The Chemical Company The Chemical Company The Chemical Company, based in Jamestown, RI, can facilitate all aspects of bulk chemical supply and sales. With years of experience and a knowledgeable ...
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Ammonium Nitrate The Chemical Company Company
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