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Changsha Phyto-Ingredients Inc.  Phyto-Ingredients Inc. is a leading manufacturer of botanical extracts in China, serving the industries of dietary supplements, functional beverage, functional foods, cosmetic / personal care and pharmaceuticals. Our...
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) 5-HTP , Andrographolide, Chrysin , Ecdysterone, EGCg ,Homoharringtonine, Resveratrol, Quercetin, ect.
Functional Formula Anti-Cancer, Beauty Protein, Sexual Potency Enhancement, Immune System Enhancer, Anti-Diebetes, Auti-Aging, Anti-Fatigue, ect.
Charles Tennant & Co.  Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Ltd. along with its subsidiaries - is a company that is focused on value added products, is a leader in quality and innovation, provides opportunity for its people to grow, pursues...
ChemCeed  ChemCeed is a woman-owned, minority-owned worldwide chemical supplier of industrial and specialty chemicals including plasticizers, pigments, corrosion inhibitors, ethanol, and other solvents.
Citric Acid Synonyms: 1,2,3-Tricarboxy-2-hydroxypropane; 2-hydroxypropanetricarboxylic acid; acidecitrique; Aciletten; Anhydrous citric acid; anhydrous citric acid;...
Methyl Paraben Synonyms: Methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate; Methyl parahydroxybenzoate CAS #: 99-76-3 ...
Coast Southwest, Inc  Coast Southwest is a customer-focused, regional distributor of Surfactants, Silicones, and Personal Care Specialties. From four strategically located distribution centers, Coast Southwest serves manufacturers and...
Command Chemical Corporation  Chemical Manufacturer, Specialty Chemicals, Food Grade Chemicals, Raw Material Additives, Industrial Chemicals, Flame Retardant Chemical Additives, Antimony Trioxide, Tartaric Acid, Rochelle Salt, Citric Acid, Calcium...
COSMOTEC Especialidades Químicas  Cosmotec Especialidades Químicas Ltda., founded in 1987, is specialized in providing innovative products to the cosmetic and household markets. The company's strong connection with the international scene − based on solid...
Preservatives Preservatives
Foreverest Resources Ltd.  Foreverest Resources supplies the intermediates of pine chemicals for specialty industry applications in adhesives, inks, paints, paper size, food additions, coatings, rubber, fuel, surfactants and thousands of areas....
Terpinen-4-ol Terpinen-4-ol is a kind of natural terpene alcohol isolated from Turpentine, Lavender Oil and fruits. It has natural spice aromas that is usually used in...
POTASSIUM SORBATE Product name: Potassium sorbate CAS No.: 24634-61-5 Description: White granular or powder, easy soluble in water Package: 25kg carton with PE...
SODIUM BENZOATE Product name: Sodium benzoate CAS No.: 532-32-1 Description: White powder,granular or columnar, easy soluble in water Package: 25kg net kraft...
H & A Canada Ind Inc  H & A (Canada) Industrial Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and over the years has enjoyed significant growth and success. First started as a small fine chemicals distributor, H & A has established itself as a recognized and...
Preservatives Preservatives
Henan Techway Chemical Co.,Ltd.  Techway chemical, Calcium Lactate, Lactic acid Powder, food addtive, fertilizer, beveage, sodium lactate, Magnesiu Sulphate, Ferrous Lactate
Lactic Acid colorless or light yellow liquid. Odorless and hygroscopic.widely used in food, medicine,etc. Used as acidulants, PH regulators and antistaling agent etc.
Hydrite Chemical Co.  Hydrite Chemical Co. manufactures and distributes bulk and specialty chemicals such as: food sanitation chemicals, food ingredient chemicals, foam control chemicals, wastewater treatment chemicals. We also toll produce...
Food Ingredients Ingredients of consistently high quality are necessary components of your manufacturing process. Hydrites uncompromising quality standards make us the...
International Centrifuge Co.  Decanters Centrifuges Alfa Laval Westfalia Hutch-Hayes Bird Used Decanters Centrifuges Solid Bowl Industrial Centrifuge Decanters Alfa Laval Centrifuge Decanter
KIC Chemicals, Inc.  KIC has been a reliable source of chemical products since our formation in 1985. They are headquartered in New Paltz, NY (approximately 75 miles north of Newark and New York City), and they maintain numerous stocking...
Benzoic Acid USP Benzoic Acid USP
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Antimicrobial Preservatives in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp.
Without antimicrobial preservatives, preparations could become ineffective or unsafe. Read some guidelines for selecting and optimizing an appropriate preservative system to minimize adverse affects of the preservatives on the performance attributes.
Wood Analysis  Conservation
CAMO Software
Photograph of Osebergs sleds, after new display cases installed. Jarlsberg Hovedgård, TØnsberg, Vestfold, Norway Susan Braovac is a conservator at the University of Oslo, working on the Alum Research Project to preserve artifacts from the Oseberg Find, one of Norway's most celebrated Viking shipdiscoveries. Uncovered in 1903 by a local farmer whilst digging in a large Viking Age burial mound on ...
Rose Foodstuff Chemistry Co.,Ltd Document
Rose Foodstuff Chemistry Co.,Ltd
We are the chinese food ingredients supplier, our products can be used in beverage,coffee, jam, cake, juice, sauce, candy, sausage, bread,biscuit, chocolates and so on. Severeal products are registered in the Russia, Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified and adhere to HACCP, Kosher and Halal standards. Food Preservative Potassium sorbate, Sorbic acid, Soda ash, sodium carbonate,Nisin, ...
Sample Preparation for Overnight Storage/Sample Transportation using the Model 642E with the 6-Place Horizontal Rotor.
The Drucker Company
200 Shadylane Dr.. Philipsburg, PA 16866 (814) 342-6205 Fax: (814) 342-6211 Sample Preparation For Overnight Storage/Sample Transportation Using The Drucker Company Model 642E With 6-Place Horizontal Rotor To obtain blood results for Laboratory testing using a Drucker Model 642 E centrifuge with the standard rotor that would have ...
The Model 842VES Centrifuge with the Stat Fixed Angle Rotor for Rapid Sample Analysis.
The Drucker Company
200 Shadylane Dr. Philipsburg, PA 16866 (814) 342-6205 Fax: (814) 342-6211 The Drucker Company Model 842VES Centrifuge with the Stat Fixed Angle Rotor for rapid sample analysis. To obtain a rapid sample of PLT Poor Plasma for Laboratory testing using a Drucker Model 842VES centrifuge with the Stat Fixed Angle Rotor. Samples were ...

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Intro to FMC Lithium Recharging, Re-inventing, and Restoring. FMC Corporation - FMC Lithium Eric Norris, VP and Global Business Director for Lithium Division, speaks about the lithium business and about FMC's sustainability efforts.
Genesis 14-head Combinational Scale Union Standard Equipment
Preservatives Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp. Information

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