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The Chemical Company  The Chemical Company has been a global chemical supplier and distributor for 25 years specializing in a wide range of industrial chemicals including Polymer additives, Fertilizers, Solvents, and Food/Feed Ingredients.
Glycerin Glycerin
Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited.  Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited is one of the largest independent distributors in Canada, and the 6th largest distributor in North America. Founded by Mr. R.R. Carr-Harris in 1920, the company's growth over the past...
Colors and Chemicals Distributor Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited is one of the largest independent distributors in Canada, and the 6th largest distributor in North America. Founded by...
Chemroy Canada Inc.  Chemroy Canada Inc. is a leading specialty chemical and food ingredient distributor established in 1967. We supply valued added chemicals, ingredients and lab-related equipment which are manufactured by global leading...
H & A Canada Ind Inc  H & A (Canada) Industrial Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and over the years has enjoyed significant growth and success. First started as a small fine chemicals distributor, H & A has established itself as a recognized and...
All Seals Inc.  Distributor focused on sealants, adhesives, lubricants, silicone fluids, greases and epoxies.
10-3050 Epoxy
Cyberbond Adhesive
L.V. Lomas Limited  L.V. Lomas is powered by the expertise of more than 200 qualified professionals in four locations across Canada and in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A charter member of the Canadian Association of Chemical...
Coatings/Inks-VVV001 Coatings/Inks
Coatings/Inks-VVV002 Coatings/Inks
Viachem Ltd  Chemical distributor dedicated to supplying the North American market with specialty chemicals and ingredients
R.E. Carroll Inc.  R. E. CARROLL, INC. is a distributor and re-packager of raw materials, speciality chemicals and process oils. We serve the Adhesives & Sealants, Ceramics, Household & Industrial Cleaners, Paint & Coatings, Personal Care,...
Fumed Silica Reinforcement filler in elastomers Rheology and thixotropy control of liquid systems, binders, polymers, etc. Used as anti-settling, thickening,...
Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals  chemical supply - chemical supplier - chemical distributor | At Parchem, our approach to specialty chemicals distribution is to be your most reliable and resourceful partner. We pride ourselves on being ProActive...
Bulk Chemical Distributor As a global leader in fine & specialty chemicals, Parchem has built a worldwide reputation as a vital link in the supply chain. Parchem offers an...
Biddle Sawyer Corporation  The Biddle Sawyer Group is a full service distributor of chemical products. The hallmark of our company is service. Our customers work closely with our technically trained Product Managers who oversee each order, from...
Chemical Distributor Chemical Distributor
TRInternational, Inc.  TRInternational, Inc. (TRI) a global chemical distributor providing creative sourcing solutions for the manufacturing of adhesives & sealants, compounds, paints & coatings, HI & I cleaners, concretes, mining & drilling,...
PDi-Pharmaceuticals Inc.  PDi was founded in the year 1978 and today counts among the top respected pharmaceutical distribution and Regulatory Service companies in Canada. PDi is a subsidiary of Heste Corporation, a diversified group with...
Suan Farma  Sweeteners, Food and Beverage, Biochemical, Amino Acid, Animal Products, Enzymes, Hormones, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Additives, Antioxidants, Food Additive, Distributors And Wholesalers
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Distributors In Canada - Product Reviews

Precious metal that doesn’t glitter: As lithium ion batteries proliferate, the hunt begins for steady, abundant supplies of the suddenly very valuable metal ore.

Each year, 60 million new cars hit the world's roads and if each was powered by lithium ion batteries, it would take an annual production of 1.08 million tons of lithium, even more if we include lithium ion favorites like cell phones, computer and camera batteries, etc. Unfortunately, that amount of lithium is 54 times the present output of lithium (20,000 tons), which begs the question about sourcing the production capacity (mining and processing).

Chile's Atacama desert is a lithium-rich source, so too are the Andes and in Tibet, along with hectorite (a lithium containing clay) and oil-field brines that contain lithium. The available supply, however, would still fall short of the need. So, the lithium hunt is on, and many are hoping for a “gold rush” of lithium real soon.

Best-in-Class Chemical distributors; Distributors in Canada feature:

  • Flammable and temperature-sensitive chemical storage; 24/7 delivery.
  • Product quality and traceability; Quality-ISO 9002:2009 & Environmental Management System, conforming to standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Custom labeling services and contract warehousing/shipping, on-site lab capabilities, and on-line railcar tracking system

Top Considerations Before Buying from Chemical distributors; Distributors in Canada:

Chemical distributors in Canada should have continuous QC, ongoing development for newer and better distribution systems, should be a full-service distributor with technically trained Product Managers, who oversee each order; and raw material distributions capable of both direct supply and “just-in-time” manufacture /delivery from local warehouse sites on a 24/7 basis.

Key Products:

1. InterAtlas Chemical Inc. is engaged in the trading of raw materials for chemical companies, including distribution of paraformaldehyde, hexamethylene tetramine (hexamine), precipitated silica, and urea (carbamide). The company operates in 15 countries and on 3 continents, principally in St. Catharines (Ontario, Canada), New York, Houston, Rotterdam (Holland), Trieste (Italy), Valencia (Spain) and Beijing (China), with terminals and storage facilities in New Jersey and Texas. The company claims that it is an independent company "unencumbered by external shareholders" that couples both physical resources and in-depth expertise in delivering value to its chemical distribution business; promoting to its customers that the company is "living proof that a multi-million dollar chemical distributor does not have to be a lumbering corporate giant".

2. The Chemical Company (known also as TCC) engages in the manufacture, custom manufacture and distribution of commodity and specialty chemicals for pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, food, and papermaking, as well as for industries that utilize resins, polymers, and plasticizers. The company distributes throughout the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. The company is an ISO 9002 registered manufacturer and distributor of alcohols, absorbent polymers, textile auxiliaries, dicyandiamides, flame retardants, environmentally safe solvents and cleaners, formaldehyde replacement, guanamines, micro-sized chemicals, pentaerythritols, phosphates, quaternary salts, resins, polymers, and specialty esters. The company also offers chemical consulting services, new product development assistance, emissions control consulting, grinding, chemical milling, custom chemical formulating, synthesis, and manufacturing.

3. Wego Chemical & Mineral Corporation, founded in 1978, engages in the international trade and distribution of chemicals, including industrial and technical chemicals, throughout the Americas as well as in Asia and Europe. Its products include acids, adhesives and sealants, colorants, dyes, pigments, esters, flavors and fragrances, food additives, and intermediates. The company supplies its chemical products to industries operating in agriculture, cosmetics, detergent, food, mining, pharmaceutical, paper, textile, and water treatment industries. In addition to a full variety of chemical products, the company offers expertise in global sourcing and servicing to a wide range of industrial markets. Wego Chemical & Minerals sources most of its products from Asia, with an important emphasis in China, Taiwan, Korea and India, where it owns stakes in manufacturing facilities, including four business offices in China. The company claims to have a direction and philosophy that has consistently revolved around the development of new sources of supply from chemical producers in the Far East that has enabled it to "strengthen our relationships with existing suppliers, enable us to have daily personal contact with these suppliers, and creates an environment which allows us to better develop new sources for products."

4. R.E. Carroll, Inc., incorporated in 1925, engages in the sale, re-packaging and distribution of raw materials and compounding agents used in the adhesives, ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, and rubber industries. Principally operating from Trenton, New Jersey, R.E. Carroll has additional storage facilities in Akron, Ohio; Dalton, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and Fullerton, California. The company's product line includes inert pigments such as calcium carbonates, clays, alumina hydrate, barytes, zinc oxides, zinc dust, peroxides, sulfur, accelerators, all types of process oils, white oils, petrolatums, reference oils, specialty oils, lubricants, precipitated silicas, feldspar, rubber chemicals, waxes, magnesium carbonate and oxides, amides, fatty acids, plasticizers, and Gilsonite.

5. Cannon Water Technology Inc., principally engaged in the distribution of water treatment equipment and supplies, as well as chemical handling and flow control equipment, is also a chemical dealer for water treatment chemicals and chemical formulations. With over 30 years of service in the industrial HVAC water treatment business, the company's array of chemical products are specifically designed for control of scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling in cooling water and heating water systems. Chemical formulations include cooling water treatments, boiler water treatments, closed loop treatments, heating water system treatments, cleaners and de-scalers, condensation pan treatments, antifoam de-foaming agents, coil cleaners, duct cleaners, glycol heat transfer fluids antifreeze, and grease treatments for drain lines and grease traps. 

6. OctoChem, Inc. works with its chemical customers as a marketing services provider that offers sample fulfillment for chemical, biological and hazardous materials. In conjunction with its sample fulfillment offering the company provides comprehensive reporting for lead generation and follow-up. The company accommodates both small and large sample fulfillment needs, repackaging chemical, cosmetic, or food grade samples in a cost-effective manner. Octochem's product literature claims "it puts your product into the customer's hands at the right time, in the right quantity, with the right information, anywhere in the showcase your product and demonstrate quality where it counts-in your customer's laboratory." The company offers four basic services: HyperChem, which is the sample packaging and distribution services; e-Samples, secure web-based sample requests; e-Report, secure web board for daily reporting; and SPEED 2000 for small quantity packaging, order processing and shipping.

Chemical distributors: Distributors in Canada.
Definition: Chemical distributors for Canada are raw materials producers and chemical raw material manufacturers of chemicals and raw materials for industrial, healthcare, and pharmaceutical needs. Products include organic and inorganic bulk chemicals, chemical additives, agents, desiccants, dyes, food additives, industrial cleaning agents, inks, pigments, and solvents.


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