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BioVectra Inc.   BioVectra is a high value CMO which delivers large-scale fermentation (biologic and API) along with chemical modification, all within a modular cGMP, FDA-inspected facility.
Contract API Manufacturing FDA Inspected Facilities
Contract Fermentation Services FDA Inspected Facilites
Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Labs  Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs has undertaken specialty monomer and polymer research for over 50 years, resulting in an extensive catalog of highly technical monomers and related polymers and copolymers. Our extensive...
Vinyldimethylchlorosilane CAS [1719-58-0]
DynaChem Inc.  DynaChem, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified domestic producer of Aromatic Sulfonic Acids, Industrial Resins and Specialty Chemicals. Our production facility is equipped with multiple glass lined and stainless steel...
p-Toluenesulfonic Acid p-Toluenesulphonic Acid
p-Toluenesulfonic Acid Monohydrate p-Toluenesulphonic Acid Monohydrate
Atotech USA Inc.  As the fifth largest chemical company, Total holds leading positions in Europe and throughout the world in each of the following markets: Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Specialty Chemicals for consumer as well as industrial...
High Purity Chemistry Production The Neuruppin production facility for semiconductor plating chemistry is designed to satisfy the quality and purity chemistry demands of the semiconductor...
Nova Specialty Chemicals  Nova Specialty Chemicals LLC is a leading supplier of a full range of solvent dyes for servicing multiple segments of the worldwide dyes market. Whether you are looking for a competitive supplier for any widely used...
Malco Products, Inc.  Company Overview Malco Products, a family company, is a supplier of automotive and consumer specialty products with unique manufacturing resources to serve customers in a variety of industries throughout the world. For...
Specialty Chemical Contract Manufacturing Malco Products, Inc is a privately owned specialty chemical contract manufacturer servicing national and international consumer products companies since...
Mitsubishi International Corporation  As a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) is a unique knowledge-based company. Established in 1954 and headquartered in New York City, MIC offers a broad...
Chemical As one of the world's leading resources for buying and selling commodity and specialty chemicals, we have industry-wide expertise extending throughout the...
Total Specialty Chemicals, Inc  Manufacturers of Fine Chemicals
Toll & Contract Manufacturing These products are either marketed by Total Specialty Chemicals, Inc., or produced under contractual arrangement for other chemical...
Hampford Research, Inc.  Hampford Research, Inc. (HRI), is a custom chemical manufacturer that has built a reputation for producing high purity specialty chemicals. We excel in developing improved commercial processes for known chemicals (i.e....
Bachem  ► Custom Peptide Synthesis ► Generic Peptide APIs ► Catalog Peptides ► Unusual and Unnatural Amino Acids ► Immunology Kits (EIA/Elisa, RIA, Immunohistochemistry)
C5a Anaphylatoxin (human)-H-6322 C5a plays a central role in host defenses and is implicated in functions associated with sepsis, adult respiratory distress syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis,...
New Chemical Entities (NCEs) As the world's leading peptide manufacturer, we are currently involved in more than 100 cGMP projects targeting New Chemical Entities. For New Chemical...
jlk industries llc  JLK Industries is a supplier of specialty chemicals to the North American marketplace. Through years of experience in the development, formulation, and application of specialty chemicals, JLK provides a level of quality,...
Hydrophobic Silica Hydrophobic Silica
InChem  Chemical Process Development Provided By Expert Team Of Degreed Chemists And Engineers chemical beakersThe InChem team includes 12 degreed chemists and chemical engineers, plus other highly-qualified professionals with...
Specialty Chemical Contract Manufacturing Contract, Toll and Specialty Chemical Manufacturing By InChem Corporation, An Innovative Global Supplier InChem Corporation of Rock Hill, S.C., provides...
Chemical Information Services  Trust the world leader in chemical information for all your sourcing needs. In the race for strategic advantage in today's ultra-competitive chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the need for high-quality,...
Worldwide Contract Manufacturers Directory It is used to find worldwide primary contract manufacturers.
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More Than A Supplier
BioVectra Inc.
Case Study #3: BioVectra seeks greater returns by partnering with Taxolog and Sandoz on a generic cancer drug Being a custom manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for drug company customers can be rewarding on its own, but there is more to be gained financially by making and selling the final drug. As a rule of thumb, suppliers know that the API accounts for only 10% or less ...
Canadian Chemistry
BioVectra Inc.
Case Study #3: A query about a basic supply relationship evolves into a complex manufacturing pact SOMETIMES IT PAYS to be a little nosy. By probing the pipeline of a customer buying research supplies, Canadian custom manufacturer BioVectra opened the door to a project that ties together a range of its technologies. The resulting manufacturing agreement with Helix BioPharma, a small Canadian ...
Valves and Specialty Metal Materials
Advances in material science are minimizing the tradeoffs we face Dean Gambale in material selection for valves Tantaline T he role of valves in a process is far from insignificant. These components enable engineers to control the vitals of a process: temperature, pressure, concentration, and flow. In some cases, the failure of a valve could be catastrophic and in other cases just a headache, ...
Transforming Trade-offs for Specialty Chemical Business
ChemLogix, LLC
A $500M specialty chemicals producer was having no trouble meeting market requirements, yet were challenged by intense periodic sales runs creating trade-offs between sales, service, sourcing and production. See how ChemLogix implemented a program resulting in a 1.5% bump in sales, which translated into a 20% increase in profitability. A business unit (The Company) of a $500 million North ...
Choosing Specialty Metals for Corrosion Sensitive Equipment
Chemical processing facilities are engaged in a never-ending battle against corrosion to ensure that processes operate safely and reliably. Corrosion can affect many types of materials, from metals to ceramics, and even polymers and plastics. Many processes employ a variety of materials to protect against corrosion and its ensuing problems. Some types of corrosion-sensitive equipment, such as ...

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The Chemical Company-2 The Chemical Company The Chemical Company is based in Jamestown, RI, and services every aspect of the chemical industry.
The Chemical Company The Chemical Company The Chemical Company, based in Jamestown, RI, can facilitate all aspects of bulk chemical supply and sales. With years of experience and a knowledgeable ...
Specialty Chemical Contract Manufacturing Services Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Labs Company

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