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The Kindt-Collins Company LLC  The Kindt-Collins Company LLC is a true world leader in the manufacture of Industrial and Specialty Waxes. They also offer an extensive Pattern Shop Supplies product line and Kindt-Collins is also a leading one-stop...
Blue Wire Wax This high quality, pliable wax is ideal for producing lingual bars and retentions. While extremely flexible, this wax is strong enough to be twisted or bent...
Pink Baseplate Wax A blend of fine virgin waxes that can be readily carved. Softens uniformly, yet will retain shape when cool. This strong & highly flexible wax will...
Archway Sales, Inc.  Archway Sales, Inc. has offices located in St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Elmsford, NY. Archway provides best-in-class service to some of the biggest names in chemical manufacturing. ...
Specialty Chemical Products Distributor Since 1968, Archway Sales, Inc., has sold and distributed a comprehensive line of specialty chemical products that has consistently met our customers'...
Asia Market Info & Dev Co. is a leading market research company, focusing on publishing market reports on China. Our market reports cover such industries as chemicals, plastics, rubber, electronics, pharmaceutical,...

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nanoXIM•CarePaste Reduces Dental Hypersensitivity and Promotes Enamel Remineralization
Dental hypersensitivity is a major, common dental condition that occurs in approximately 57% of adults. Among individuals with periodontal disease, the prevalence can reach as much as 98% [1]. The condition usually arises as a result of continuous teeth erosion brought about by the action of foods, drinks and hot and cold temperatures that expose the dentin and underlying nerves, as shown in ...
Drinks That Won't Decay: Beverage Formulation for Oral Health
Bartek Ingredients
Drinks That Won’t Decay: Beverage Formulation for Oral Health There are two oral health problems that have been associated in the popular media with the consumption of soft drinks: dental caries and dental erosion. This article reviews what causes these two conditions and current trends in beverage formulation related to these conditions. D ENTAL caries, or tooth de- cay, is a pit in the tooth ...
Refractive Index of Monomers and Their Respective Homopolymers
Esstech Inc.
The refractive index (RI) of photopolymers is an essential property for many applications. For optical and coating applications, the RI can be related to the resultant gloss or clarity upon cure. Within the dental industry, the refractive index of the organic polymer matrix, must match that of the inorganic filler and substrate in order to avoid obvious “lines” where the product is applied.
Physical Properties of a New Low Shrink Resin
Esstech Inc.
Curing of coatings and composites induces polymerization shrinkage stresses, which can lead to strain at the interface. The primary approach to overcome this inherent problem has been to optimize the various ingredients used to make these materials. Find out how to improve the properties of methacrylate-based dental composites via the introduction of a new monomer referred to as X-852-0000.
Medical Grade Titanium Materials - Indispensable to the Medical Industry
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Medical Grade Titanium Materials - Indispensable to the Titanium is one chemical element that has varied uses in human life. Because of its unique properties such as high strength, low density, high heat resistance, and anti-corrosion, titanium materials find their way in many industries. It is a well-known fact that the first uses of ...

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De-Dusting Carbon Black Powder with Hot Wax - Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer Continental Products Corporation
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