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MBI Coatings  PLasma spraying, HVOF coatings, Thermal spraying, Ceramic coatings, Tungsten Carbide coatings, Release coatings, Non-stick coatings, Low friction coatings, Traction & Grip coatings, machine part refurbishing services.
THERMAL BARRIER COATINGS BI's TBC coatings are produced by the use of our "high energy" plasma spray processes.
THERMAL SPRAY COATINGS Thermal spraying is a process (using a metallizing gun) where a powdered material is fed into a concentrated flame, melted, streamed, would become atomized,...
FiberGraf Materials LLC  FiberGraf Materials offers graphite fiber in powder format. Our high performance high bulk density additives are offered in a range of sizes with or without Nickel and copper claddings.
GrafMat A275 275 micron graphite powder
GrafMat A50 50 micron graphite powder
Asia Market Info & Dev Co  Asia Market Information & Development Co. (AMID) is a leading source for the Chinese industry data and market intelligence. Our information products have helped corporations around the world gain insights into the Chinese...
Asia Market Info & Dev Co. is a leading market research company, focusing on publishing market reports on China. Our market reports cover such industries as chemicals, plastics, rubber, electronics, pharmaceutical,...

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TA-MA Thermal Analysis – Mass Spectrometry
Hiden Analytical
Evolved gas analysis techniques can be used to provide important information about decomposition or desorption processes when coupled to thermal analysis techniques such as DSC, TGA, and DTA Mass spectrometry (MS) offers a number of advantages for evolved gas analysis. As well as being of high sensitivity, modern mass spectrometers can provide simultaneous, unequivocal and fast detection of ...
Operating and maintenance precaution of Thermal Sticker Printer KX-330B
Operating and maintenance precaution of Thermal Sticker Printer KX-330B Receipt Printer is an important component of pos system printing receipts or bills. It's usually connected the pos system through specific cables. It’s very important to keep the Receipt Printer in good condition to provide good customer service and great shopping experience. Thermal Sticker Printer KX-330B is manufactured ...
Development of a Gel Coat with Improved UV Stability
AOC Resins
The ability of composite materials to penetrate into busi- ness sectors dominated by other construction materials has been limited by a cost-effective means of achieving ac- ceptable performance characteristics with current gel coat technologies. In many cases, the limiting factor has been the gel coats ability to retain its original color and gloss upon continual ultraviolet exposure as compared ...
The Development of a Marble Clear Gel Coat with Improved Performance Properties
AOC Resins
The Development of a Marble Clear Gel Coat with Improved Performance Properties Abstract This paper describes the development and opti-mization of a clear gel coat with improved performance in thermal cycle testing, color, and cure characteristics. The entire process will be outlined beginning with the development of a new polyester resin as the backbone of the new clear and ending with an ...
Exterior Durability Comparisons of Various Gel Coat Systems
AOC Resins
Today’s gel coat producers have a wide array of materials at their disposal to formulate coating products for the composites industry. This leaves the composites manufacturer the decision of what product to use based on cost, processing and performance characteristics. In most cases the performance characteristics are dictated by the expectations of the end consumer. One such expectation is the ...

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UV Curable Epoxy Based System UV15 Master Bond Master Bond UV15 is a one component, high strength, low viscosity, epoxy based UV curable system for bonding, sealing and coating. It features exceptional ...
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