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The R.J. Marshall Company  The R.J. Marshall Company was founded by Richard J. and Joan E. Marshall in May of 1978. Originally conceived as a manufacturer representative company, R.J. Marshall sold commodity grade industrial raw materials. Soon,...
Asia Market Info & Dev Co  Asia Market Information & Development Co. (AMID) is a leading source for the Chinese industry data and market intelligence. Our information products have helped corporations around the world gain insights into the Chinese...
Asia Market Info & Dev Co. is a leading market research company, focusing on publishing market reports on China. Our market reports cover such industries as chemicals, plastics, rubber, electronics, pharmaceutical,...

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The Development of a Marble Clear Gel Coat with Improved Performance Properties
AOC Resins
The Development of a Marble Clear Gel Coat with Improved Performance Properties Abstract This paper describes the development and opti-mization of a clear gel coat with improved performance in thermal cycle testing, color, and cure characteristics. The entire process will be outlined beginning with the development of a new polyester resin as the backbone of the new clear and ending with an ...
EcoTek® Product Selection Guide
AOC Resins
Product A523-MKAG-15 A460-PCEG-00 A541-CCAG A709-LMAG Chemistry Phthalic Phthalic Phthalic Isophthalic Typical Applications Cultured Marble Polymer Concrete Clear Casting Solid Surface Test Method Units Renewable and/or % 25 35 25 20 Recycled Content Flexural Strength ASTM D790 psi 18,140 18,000 16,300 20,800 MPa 125 124 121 143
Understanding Pigments: The Third Step to Higher Quality and Consistency
AOC Resins
The Third Step to Higher Quality and Consistency Putting great color in your product is part of the systems approach for resolving issues of substan- dard properties and appearance. This article on pigments is the third in a four- part series about the interrelationship of the material components used in marble and solid surface manufactur- ing. These AOC-authored articles respond to the chal- ...
Pigment Influences on the Properties of Highly Filled Resin Systems
AOC Resins
The solubility, CIELAB color, matrix viscosity, air release and leveling properties of highly filled unsaturated polyester matrices made with different forms of Titanium di- oxide colorant will be evaluated. A comparison of dry Tita- nium dioxide and color dispersions of TiO2 in various disper- sion vehicles will be studied. With the advent of automated casting machines, there is an increased ...
AVA Technology for Hazardous Waste Treatment
AVA Americas, LLC
The usage of mixers in the conditioning of ashes and dusts is well established and a proven technology at AVA The processes are highly developed in many years of practical application and the machines have proven themselves countless times. Nevertheless, new process tasks occur also in this market segment. The manufacturers of mixing and drying technologies are working on the solutions such as ...

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