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Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Labs  Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs has undertaken specialty monomer and polymer research for over 50 years, resulting in an extensive catalog of highly technical monomers and related polymers and copolymers. Our extensive...
Vinyldimethylchlorosilane CAS [1719-58-0]
Eco-Tec Inc  Eco-Tec designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. Our products incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide clients with improved...
RecoPur® Produced Water Softeners RecoPur® Produced Water Softeners outperform conventional systems and addresses serious concerns for oil producers.
RecoPur® Produced Water Treatment Systems Eco-Tec is a globally recognized designer, developer, and manufacturer of produced-water treatment systems for oil producers, featuring advanced micro-media...
Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp.  WEGO has been operating for over 30 years as an international import and distribution company by providing a large range of chemicals to our 1,000+ satisfied customers across many industries worldwide. WEGO is...
ATBS 5141 Product Name ATBS 5141 Chemical Names 2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid; Acrylamido-tert-Butyl Sulfonic Acid CAS...
ATBS 5143 Product Name ATBS 5143 Chemical Names Sodium 2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonate; Acrylamido-tert-Butyl Sulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt CAS...
Acme-Hardesty Co.  Acme-Hardesty is a supplier of palm and tallow based oleochemicals, castor oil & derivatives, surfactants, esters, and preservatives. We focus our sourcing efforts on green, naturally derived, renewable and sustainable...
2-Octanol Sebacic Acid & Derivatives
Ethylene Glycol Mono Sterate Esters (Specialty)
Federal Equipment Company  For more than 50 years, Federal Equipment Company has been a trusted name in the processing equipment industry. We are dedicated to delivering quality used equipment, outstanding service and competitive prices to meet the...
Chimal Offerings Chemical Categories: Agitators Air Compressors Blowers Boilers Briquetting Bucket Elevators Centrifuges Chillers Classifiers Conveyors Cooling...
Oilfield Chemicals | Albemarle  Every day, around the globe, Albemarle specialty chemicals make oilfield exploration more efficient and much more productive. Our products go to work before the surface casing is set. They’re at work when the well is...
Independence Oilfield Chemicals  Our stringent quality control measures guarantee that our products exceed our customer’s expectation and confirm to all government standards for quality and safety. We use extensive testing to ensure that only products...
Imperial Oilfield Chemicals Pvt. Ltd  Imperial Oilfield Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (ICPL) manufactures and markets a wide range of specialty chemicals including Oilfield Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitor, Organic...
Oilfield Chemical Company   We manufacture a complete line of drilling fluids, production chemicals, and completion fluid additives. When you work with us we provide extensive technical service backed by a second-to-none research laboratory. We...
Primary Chemicals   We here at Primary Chemicals are committed to bringing value to our customers and suppliers. We are focused on the petrochemical and oilfield chemicals markets.
Sepcor   Sepcor Inc. was formed to promote and sell specialty chemical products for the oilfield, gas treating, refining, formulations, and water treating sectors. The company strives to provide excellent value in products,...
Zirax   Zirax is a speciality chemical company manufacturing and supplying Oilfield Process Chemicals and De-icing Solutions to a diverse global customer base. Zirax is the second largest supplier of calcium chloride pellets...
Multi-Chem Group LLC  Multi-Chem provides unparalleled technical expertise and superior local service to customers, through cost-effective applications of customized specialty chemicals. Serving the worldwide energy market, Multi-Chem offers...
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Keeping Water Soft
Eco-Tec Inc
Michael Dejak, Eco-Tec Inc., Canada, unveils a next generation water filtration technology for the oil and gas industry. T here is a need in many segments of the oil and gas production industry for an improvement in water filtration over traditional methods. This is especially true since the trend in oil and gas production is toward tighter, less permeable reservoirs and greater use of enhanced ...
Oil Skimmers, Inc.
Oil Skimmers Solutions Guide: Saltwater Disposal Facility Tapping into a gusher isn’t the only way to strike • Allowing the oil to degrade reduces its value to refiner- it rich in Texas. Joe T. Smith Inc., Hawley, ies. Texas, has been in business since 1936, offer- ing oil-drilling customers 24-hour service for field-related jobs such as saltwater disposal. For the past 30 years, the company ...
GFS Chemicals Inc. Document
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS CHEMICAlS ISO9001:2008 InnovationandCommercializationthroughChe mistry GFSChemicalsistheperfectsolutiontoyour inorganicchemistrychallenges. Formorethan80years,ourclientshave reliedonGFSChemicalstomeetexacting standardsininorganicchemistryforavariety ofR&Dandindustrialapplications. Ourinorganicchemicalsareusedin processesacrossmanydifferentindustries, includingAerospace,Batteries,FuelCells ...
Waste Water Chemicals
GFS Chemicals Inc.
GFS can provide any analytical reagent grade chemical or standard needed by laboratories WASTE WATER CHEMICALS performing water analysis for water plants and wastewater treatment plants. GFS has been supplying these operations with quality, economical products for more than 80 years. GFS manufactures a variety of products for the waste water industry (including but not limited to): Barium ...
GFS Chemicals Inc. Document
GFS Chemicals Inc.
SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION TO ISO/IEC 17025:2005 GFS CHEMICALS, INC. 800 Kaderly Drive Columbus OH 43228 Joshua Crow Phone: 614-824-3299 Email: Fax: 614-824-3297 Valid to: October 31, 2014 Certificate Number: 3336.01 In recognition of the successful completion of the A2LA evaluation process, accreditation is granted to this laboratory to perform the following test: A2LA ...

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The Chemical Company-2 The Chemical Company The Chemical Company is based in Jamestown, RI, and services every aspect of the chemical industry.
The Chemical Company The Chemical Company The Chemical Company, based in Jamestown, RI, can facilitate all aspects of bulk chemical supply and sales. With years of experience and a knowledgeable ...
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