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How the Chemicals Industry Outsources Logistics
Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation
Leading chemical producers and companies sourcing volumes of chemical raw materials are turning to outside logistics service providers to significantly improve their supply chain effectiveness. Now more than ever, the chemical industry is focused on managing spiraling cost, finding capable providers, and getting a hold on the metrics needed to rationalize logistics networks. Odyssey Logistics ...
Supply Chain Technology - From Software Vendors to Lead Logistics Providers
Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation
Supply Chain Technology: From Software Vendors to Lead Logistics Providers Increased complexity and need for global solutions demand more flexible services. By: Michael Sadowski Chief Information Officer Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation As supply chains expand to global proportions, companies need technology that will enable them to simplify and strengthen their internal management ...
Revamping Logistics Strategically
Here's a summary of the APQC benchmarking report, Blueprint for Success: Logistics. The summary covers the highlights of the report, including the Process Classification Framework, Key Performance Indicators, and Benchmarks and Process Performance Drivers. The Summary also looks briefly at the report's four case studies: 1.Arrow Electronics 2.ATC Logistics & Electronics 3.Office ...
Most Chemical Companies Outsource Logistics to Save Money
ChemLogix, LLC
To ensure the optimal operation of sourcing, manufacturing and distribution, chemical companies must constantly evaluate economic trade-offs vs. constraints. Through Supply Chain Network Optimization, chemical producers can streamline their supply chains to optimize service, contribution and asset return. Read answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this powerful optimization tool ...
Apex Freight Services Document
Apex Freight Services
Disasters are inevitable. Aftermath is avoidable. Introducing Apex Emergency Response Freight Services — the calm during the storm. APEX EMERGENCY RESPONSE FREIGHT SERVICES PROVIDES: • Single sourcing of all emergency transportation needs • A national network of loyal, professional carriers • Daily visibility of cost and load status • Customized metrics to measure cost and service compared to ...

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ChemLogix On Demand Global TMS overview ChemLogix, LLC
Take Control of Your Shipments ChemLogix, LLC Short informational video to learn how ChemLogix can help streamline day-to-day truck, rail and ocean transportation operations.

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