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Transition and Heavy Metal Compounds
GFS Chemicals Inc.
Through almost 80 years of research and development and data gathered from thousands of applications, GFS Chemicals has assembled a broad range of organometallic chemistries based on transition and heavy metals. You can rely on our unique expertise because we manufacture inorganic and organic materials everyday in Columbus Ohio. Our inorganic and organic operations each focus on what they do ...
Properties of Organolithium Reagents at Low Temperature
FMC Corporation - FMC Lithium
Temperature affects chemical behavior, particularly in organolithium compounds. Proper temperature selection is essential during transport, storage, addition and reaction for achieving consistent results. Read best practices for selecting the appropriate conditions for handling and utilizing organolithiums at lower temperatures.
China Germanium metal, germanium powder
Changsha Santech Materials Co.,Ltd.
High Purity Germanium •Germanium is a chemecal element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32. •Historically the first decade of semiconductor electronics were entirely based on germanium. • Presently, germanium's major end uses are in fibre-optic systems, infrared optics and in solar cell applications. •Germanium compounds are also used for polymerization catalysts and have most reccently found ...
Artemether Treats Malaria in both Adults and Children
Best Herbal Extract
Artemether Treats Malaria in both Adults and Children Artemether is used together with a compound called lumefantrine to treat malaria in both adults and children. The two ingredients are known by the common name anti-malarias. Artemether is resistant to strains of Falciparum malaria. The compound is considered to be one of the most essential drugs by the World Health Organization. The compound ...
Canadian Chemistry
BioVectra Inc.
Case Study #3: A query about a basic supply relationship evolves into a complex manufacturing pact SOMETIMES IT PAYS to be a little nosy. By probing the pipeline of a customer buying research supplies, Canadian custom manufacturer BioVectra opened the door to a project that ties together a range of its technologies. The resulting manufacturing agreement with Helix BioPharma, a small Canadian ...

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