Supply chains are extending around the world. It’s easy to lose trust and confidence in the products you purchase and the vendors that supply raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished products.

Liability issues and increased scrutiny by government agencies and consumer protection groups make it more critical than ever that sourced products meet your specifications and are compliant with industry standards.

Many companies have never completed an audit even visited their vendors.  For many, an “audit” is a quick plant tour, a few random questions and a thumb’s up or down.

Part of the problem is that there isn’t a widely recognized standard for factory audits. There’s a hodgepodge of audit templates out there, but none of them are recognized globally and most have major holes. There’s the factor of human relations – most people don’t want to confront a vendor with negative feedback based on subjective or unscientific factors

We’ve arrived at a standard template that has both the teeth to hold suppliers to a high standard and the usability to be accepted by buyers and downstream customers globally.

Our program offers an affordable solution that ensures vigilant monitoring of supply chains. It requires that ISO certified auditors who are degreed engineers with significant manufacturing history conduct on-site audits of factories. The audit focuses on:

  • enterprise financial health
  • product inspection & safety testing
  • incoming quality control (IQC)
  • employee health & safety and downstream supplier reliability verification,
  • certification to international and client-specific standards
  • clear audit report and vendor scorecard for our clients’ regulatory files.
  • Tracking vendors is simplified by audit reviews.

The scorecard can be updated once or twice per year and guides the monitoring process.

For a copy of the template, contact

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