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June 30th Hazmat Registration Deadline


Here’s a reminder that the Annual Deadline for carriers and shippers to register and pay fees to The Office of Hazardous Materials Safety is June 30th.  This is the Federal Safety Authority that ensures the safe transport of hazardous materials by air, rail, highway, and water. Click here for Pipleline and Safety Materials Administration information … Read More

“I” for Impact and Improvements in IOWA


I received two good reports from the Hawkeye state this week.  Scott Jones, of Marion Mixers remarked to me that Q4 business is very healthy and they’ve hired additional staff including fabricators to keep up with increased demand.   This is also a result of Marion Mixers participation with statewide efforts to grow business.  The Iowa … Read More

NACD Supports “You Be The Chemist” Next Week in Philadelphia


On Monday, June 20, nineteen students from across the country will compete in the Chemical Educational Foundation-created National You Be The Chemist Challenge at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA. The Challenge is a question and answer academic competition that aims to engage grade 5-8 students in learning chemistry concepts, important discoveries, and chemical … Read More

Smashing Calcium Adds Two To The Periodic Table


Bloomberg reports that two new elements have been added to the periodic table as researchers smashed calcium into plutonium to create 114, and calcium into curium for 116, the group said in an article published by IUPAC on June 1. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) serves to advance the worldwide aspects … Read More

Come home from New Orleans with a few new words.


In yesterday’s blog I mentioned #IFT11 and since found out that TIC GUMS is introducing an entire lexicon of words devoted to the description of texture for solid, liquid, and semi-solid foods at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, June 11-14, 2011. Considered a tool for developers that is an industry first, this lexicon of … Read More

IFT getting all a-Twitter for Next Week


Chemical Yellow Pages continues to build our web presence online in many ways including our weekly newsletters, daily blog and on Twitter @JAZDChem.   One of my new favorites to follow is the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo #IFT11.  The IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo is the largest annual food science forum and exposition … Read More

Brominated In Beantown


Today the 12th Annual Workshop on Brominated and Other Flame Retardants wrapped up in Boston.  Monday’s keynote presentation featured Dr. Ron Hites (Indiana University) on “New, Newer, and Newest Flame Retardants in the Environment.”  Organizers scheduled presentations to feature some of the most exciting new research in the field, e.g., identity and levels of new … Read More

Just don’t call it speed-dating.


Here’s an interesting twist on building business between two geographic regions.  At the upcoming SEUS-CP Alliance Conference June 12-14th in Fredericton, New Brunswick attendees have the opportunity to schedule “Matchmaking Meetings / Rencontres de jumelage” Brian Haney of ERA environmental management software commented that meetings are being lined up with key contacts. Conference organizers are … Read More

Two (Heat) Waves of Positive Signs


Maybe it’s fuel prices, maybe it’s the heat.  In a conversation with Phil Sutter, VP of Sales at Pick Heaters, he noted that customers are investing in equipment upgrades due to new products in the pipeline, particularly in specialty chemicals and intermediates.  The other good wave is the reception clients are giving to saving energy … Read More

The Mother of Invention at a Women-Owned Company


Barium & Chemicals, Inc. is a women-owned business in Ohio that is dealing with the common shortage of raw materials and inconsistencies in product quality.  Linda Yanok noted that the silver lining in the current situation  is their ability to make and manufacture product by re-working materials to refine it to their high standards.  She … Read More