April 2011

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Keeping up with changes


Chemical Yellow Page listings allow businesses to update product information, category listings, details, links, multi-media, and much more ALL in real time.  My daily blog and Tweets @JAZDChem are additional sources of telling the marketplace about what’s going on in your business.  I’d like to share a recent press release from Sartomer announcing that they … Read More

Energy Prudence and Profitability


Marion Mixers is a global leader in mixing and blending, batch and continuous process equipment across several industries including Chemicals.  In a recent conversation with Scott Jones of Marion Mixers the topic of energy prices, equipment, and energy consumption came up.   Plant managers, in particular have been receptive to more energy-prudent solutions that can lead to better profit … Read More

A Free Brown Bag Lunch with a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry


Imagine brown-bagging it with geniuses and Nobel Prize winners.  The Cambridge (Mass.) Science Festival is coming up next week and it features a lot of programming that appeals to the Mad Chemist in all of us.   Every day features a brown-bag “Lunches with a Luminary”, a free one hour event with a very impressive roster. … Read More

Population Growth Factoring Fertilizer Growth


There are interesting patterns in following how global population growth creates demand for protein in meats, which in turn creates demand for livestock feed – and in turn fertilizer for crops.   CTV notes that “global demand for fertilizer will continue to soar on higher crop and food prices” in anticipation of quarterly earnings to … Read More

Green turf beyond the football fields at Michigan State.


On a crisp Autumn day the word “Michigan” conjures up visions of football.  Colors range from maize and blue to green and white and beyond.  But in these days of Spring green has a different meaning in East Lansing.  The Chicago Tribune reports that MSU just scored some green in the form of a $4.1 … Read More

Good Earth Day / Good Friday


There were a few notables from this week that involved Chemistry – in particular  The BP Oil Spill, tree-hugging, and gold. I touched on the BP matter in a previous  post.  I want to give props to American Public Media’s “Marketplace” for a segment featuring Freakonomics Radio’s Stephen Dubner.  It’s a very clever piece that … Read More

Painting up Profits


Sherwin Williams reported that first quarter profit more than doubled last year. Click here to read the RTT News summary. That means consumers are putting their available time, effort and money into preserving and protecting their homes, boats, buildings and facilities. Are you seeing any interesting trends in protections, coatings and colors?

Alarm systems, the BP anniversary and birthday cakes


Today there are many reports on the first anniversary of the BP Oil Spill.  References range from Disaster to Incident, depending on the source’s perspective.  This brings to mind the concept of warnings and notifications in bad situations.  Although the scale of a business’ loss of inventory, revenue and customers pales in comparison to the … Read More



CYP’s Sweeteners and Flavors categories continue to receive very healthy web traffic from our readers and interest from companies in these sectors. This holds true with America’s appetite for Easter candy. A recent article on The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website notes that Americans spend $2 billion annually on Easter candy as it noted recent price … Read More

Drop by Drop, Water Treatment = $ and H2O Savings


In a recent conversation with David Cannon of Cannon Water Technology, he mentioned the financial benefits of installing water savings devices that conserve thousands of gallons of water daily that add up to significant utility savings. There are also lots of resources at the federal, state and local levels. He mentioned one in particular, the … Read More